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      Today, Monday, August 25th would have been Mike Brown's first day of college. Instead, it is the day of his funeral. We are joining the #handsupwalkout campaign tribute to Mike Brown and a movement against police brutality on our University of Utah campus. Please join us.
Where: Library Plaza - East side of the Library 12:45 PM: Poster Making 1:00 PM: Introduction
         *Following the introduction we will read names of peoples who have been targets of such violence in the past, and open the movement to public forum.
        Share this message on all your social media sites! Ready, set go! Several hours remain to act together and even if it is only a handful of us, it is still how a movement is made!

        And in Cleveland  --   And in Palestine  --   And in the wide world this day is being held by each of us as a tribute to respectfully recall all people who have cried "Hands Up  -- Don't Shoot"

        Some one "tweeted" this:   surprised I haven't heard of a #HandsUpWalkOut at @cunylawschool today. :(

        Participate in this National Walk Out in tribute to and with Ferguson and every other community that has suffered people to police violence, including the Dayton, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Albuquerque, and so many more communities we have lost count.


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Call to Action:

                         Goto Change.org  View this content on Change.org's website

         President Barack Obama: We Demand Seven New Policies to Protect Citizens from Police Violence and Misconduct  
          (Scroll Down for our 7 Policy Solutions) A long and completely avoidable history of violence by police officers has killed too many innocent...
          View on web


It's been more than 15 years since Shooting of Amadou Diallo.  The insanity must stop.


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