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Face of the Monster
Day 50 of the Assault on Gaza: All attention should remain focused on the Strip, since another truce has been rumored to be in the works in Cairo. Thats hopeful. Not only that, but the Palestinians got serious support from Holocaust survivors, descendants and other victims of Nazi Germany by signing an open letter accusing Israel of genocide for the deaths of more than 2000 Palestinians since “Operation Protective Edge”. Thats huge.

Unfortunately, those issues must be preempted in order to bring you some slowly unfolding breaking news; The Obama administration prepares the nation for the battle of a lifetime. President Obama returned from his two week vacation this week, ready to announce the United States’ stepped up operations in Iraq to protect U.S. personnel, U.S. interest and to thwart the advances of ISIS, hereinafter referred to as the Monster.


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With kidnapping, intimidation, murder and mayhem being the Monster’s method of operation, you probably don’t want something like this as a neighbor and President Obama is doing something about it. A beheading behemoth running lose in the region unchecked, the Monster must be confronted and defeated or the Monster will soon be under American bed and hiding in every American closet.

Warning the world that the Monster of the Middle East is as mobile, as its global, the Obama administration is preparing to meet the Monster wherever it festers. Since the Monster has blurred the borders between Syria and Iraq, the U.S. is contemplating (out-loud) attacking the Monster in Syria too.

Although the administration has an invitation from Syria to enter the country to help combat the Monster, this Monster is so menacing, President Obama don’t need no stinking invitation. If the United States feel air strikes are called for, air strikes will be called for and air strikes will be carried out. Sovereignty be damned, we’ve got a bonafide Monster to kill.

According to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, we’ve never seen a Monster like this before. According to Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, the Monster is but one discounted airline ticket away from U.S. shores. According to 2016 presidential hopeful, indicted Texas governor Rick Perry, the Monster could slip across the U.S.’ southern border at any moment.

However, before Americans get all worked up over this Monster, there are a lot of questions the Administration have left unanswered. Who the hell created this Monster? Who harbored it and allowed it to grow in number and spread so far and so fast? Why didn’t anyone listen to Bashar al-Assad when he told the world his country was being attacked by a Monster? Was the West so happy the Syrian government was struggling against an identified but vicious and insidious foe, they simply let the Monster do what they'd dare not do; put boots on the ground?

Now that the dust has settled, one has to ask, was Russia and China correct after all in calling on the Syrian Rebels and the Syrian government resolve its issues politically and combine their efforts to rid their country of the Monster together? Did the Obama administration screw up by insisting upon a transitional government that excluded Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad? Has the Obama administration even come close to making a cogent case for another global war against terror?

Bottom line: Its no secret this Monster is a product of a decade or more of failed U.S. policy in the Middle East and beyond. This Monster was conceived and incubated in Iraq after the U.S. destroyed the nation, leaving seething sectarian factions without any structure or viable leadership. The Monster was then nurtured, supported and financed by faceless special interest and regional players with bad intentions for Syria and Iran. Now that this Monster has served its purpose all too well, somebody has to to stop the Monster before it takes over the world!

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