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Oh really, Bob?


Remember this Denver Post headline, after the June 24 Republican primary: "In Bob Beauprez, Colorado GOP goes with mainstream contender."

I rolled my eyes at the time because, I'd been following Beauprez, who's now running to unseat Gov. John Hickenlooper, for years and knew him to be far outside the mainstream, as seen in his support of replacing income tax with a "consumption" or sales tax, just to name one Tea Party favorite.

Maybe whoever wrote The Post's June 24 headline knows better now than to characterize Beauprez as a "mainstream contender," as his Tea Party leanings have oozed out in the news over the past few months. (See his comments about Obama pushing America close to "civil war" and about 47 percent of Americans being "perfectly happy" to let someone else pay the bill.

If not, Beauprez's statement yesterday, in response to a question from KLZ 560-AM guest host Jimmy Sengenberger, should seal the deal:

    "I have said for years, Jimmy, that this [the Tea Party] is the healthiest civic movement I have seen in my lifetime, and I'm almost 66 now. I don't think I've ever witnessed a time where people have stood up and said, I want to save this Republic. I want my government back, and focused primarily on constitutional originality and fiscal discipline. It can't get any better than that. The time is absolutely. Are there disagreements among various groups and various individuals. Sure. Or is it always a perfect, clear smooth path. No, of course not. It wasn't in our nation's founding either. But if this nation is going to survive. If we are going to be that greatest nation on god's green Earth, it isn't up to government. It is up to the people. And this uprising that we broadly call the Tea Party movement in my opinion, again, is the healthiest thing we have seen in very long time in America." [BigMedia emphasis] - Huffington Post, 8/28/14

Yeah, anyone who thinks Beauprez is a mainstream candidate is just absolutely stupid because the evidence speaks for itself. Beauprez is an extremist and his latest remarks prove that:


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO - JULY 02: Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez introduces his running mate, Jill Repella, during a press conference July 2, 2014 at the GOP field office during a series of campaign stops. (Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post)
Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez drew some criticism Wednesday after saying in a radio interview that he, if asked, would send the Colorado National Guard to the Mexican border.

Host Peter Boyles, on his 710 KNUS radio show, had asked Beauprez whether he would send troops if requested by Texas' governor.

"If Rick Perry or another governor requested it, I would certainly step up and do my part," Beauprez said.

Tangia Estrada, who has been active in Colorado political issues affecting Latinos, said such statements disconnect candidates from the bloc, which is seen as vital to elections, given its growing population in the state.

"Latino voters are very much paying attention to what they see in the media from their representatives," she said. "They obviously are going to look for leaders who represent them and lift up their community."

Beauprez also stirred controversy with a radio interview during the Fourth of July weekend, when he said governors should be allowed to enforce immigration laws if the federal government won't. He invoked the tougher measures Arizona put in place in 2010. Most of the measures were struck down in 2012 by the U.S. Supreme Court, which maintained that immigration law is a federal responsibility. - Denver Post, 8/27/14

Now Beauprez's campaign claims that he would only want Colorado troops at the border for humanitarian reasons but immigration activists aren't buying it. I'm confident Governor John Hickenlooper (D. CO) can defeat Beauprez but we have to make sure our base comes out to the polls. Click here to donate and get involved with Hickenlooper's campaign:

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Originally posted to pdc on Thu Aug 28, 2014 at 09:59 AM PDT.

Also republished by Colorado COmmunity, LatinoKos, and The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

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