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Perhaps you haven't heard, but the Fake-Communists in Beijing have decided that they will pick the candidates the people of Hong Kong can choose from to be their Chief Executive - basically agovernor in US terms...

This a violation of the treaty the made with Britain that led up to the handover in 1997, and is a betrayal of the people in HK who accepted the 'one country, two systems' deal China offered.

Large scale protests have broken out, in Hong Kong. I hope my fellow (small d) democrats here at Dkos will make some noise so this gets noticed.

Now, some of you might not be convinced that the Chinese government is a danger because they murdered two or three thousand people who were protesting corruption anded wanted more of a voice in their own future. Some of you might not think that the 'ethnic flooding' of Tibetans and Uighurs is wrong. Unions are banned in China except for the fake state-approved ones, and Billionaires in government make those in the US Senate look like paupers. If Russia is an oligarchy, what's the word for uberoligarchy-y? Anyhoo, a few of you might even think it's ok for a government to force abortions on women, and if somehow a mother or parents evade their insidiousnous, the not only punish the parents but punish the innocent child - denying that child things like education and healthcare. Oh, and no real qorker unions allowed.

Don't believe me that China's rulers are on the wrong side of everything Dkos stands for? Well you shouldn't. Do a search about any of the above.

I will, however, provide some relevant quotes from the Chinese government concerning their decision: [I might nutpick those comments]

"The right to vote is not a universal human right."

Of course not, people in power should get to decide who is in power! I mean, c'mon it's only logical; all you need is a circle and a spurious argument!

"Many Hong Kong people have wasted time discussing things that are not appropriate."

They weren't discussing sharing child porn or how to assassinate Obama, moran, they were discussing democracy. But, yay!: two asshats for you! You get a free kazoo!

"If the Chief Executive does not love the country and confronts Beijing the 'two systems, one country'" thing will fail.

So, obey or we will destroy you. Very civil of you to warn people before you screw them out of their rights. Where can I sign up for the work camps?

Nothing below the fold, because I'm not folding.


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