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I remember "The Madness of King George".  At least the movie.  

In that case there was a very real King named George, and nobody could get rid of him because, well, he was the King.

Right now, we have an insane man running the United States of America and it seems we can't get rid of him.  But... he's not a King.  

So we should all be asking the question at this point -- and I don't care if you're right-wing, left-wing, chicken-wing, hot-wing:

Why are we allowing an insane man to be the President of the United States?


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It truly is an astounding thing to watch 300 million people all sit back and WATCH a madman tear things up and kill people.

It reminds me of one time when I was stuck in some really horrible traffic in Los Angeles.  I figured there must have been a wreck up ahead, and finally I saw the source of the jam -- a truly insane homeless dude was out in the middle of a major intersection yelling and cursing and throwing around some old traffic barricades.

Nobody knew quite what to do.  Everybody just watched.  Tried to get around him.  Tried to not be all freaked-out by a violently insane human being right in front of them.  Tried to act like, well, this wasn't really that out of the ordinary and if we could just get AROUND him and keep driving, we could forget all about it.

I feel like that right now.  Everybody's just watching.  Everybody's complaining, shaking their heads, hands stuffed in their pockets.  Yup, it's sad really.  Outrageous.  

But this isn't just some homeless guy walking down the middle of the street screaming at the top of his lungs.  

This is the President of the United States whose actions have KILLED thousands and thousands of people already, and who demonstrated tonight that he intends to keep on KILLING PEOPLE until when?  Until when exactly?  He doesn't know.  He's fucking INSANE.

Gosh, if we could just ignore this somehow, and pretend it doesn't exist.  We just really want to get on with our lives and gosh maybe it'll all be over in January of 2009, and let's HOPE he doesn't start a war with Iran, even though it sure sorta looks like he's planning to do it.

Nope, sure don't want to go out of our way to get the crazy insane screaming murderous motherfucker out of the Oval Office.  There's just no way to do it.  Impeachment takes too long, might make us look bad, it's just not practical.

Why are we all standing around?  Are we just that stunned?  Is it "shock and awe" leaving us literally spellbound by the unthinkable truth that's in front of our face -- the truth that we have an insane murderous maniac in the White House of the United States of America?

Is it that we're just not equipped to deal with this?

Well if we're not equipped, maybe we should GET equipped.  Maybe we should all walk out of our jobs and knock on the doors of our Congress, all 300 million of us maybe should just show up on their doorstep and say "hey, did you happen to notice that we have an INSANE MURDEROUS MOTHERFUCKER as our President and we REALLY need to get rid of him and ASAP!"  

I'm reminded of a small town in Missouri, where a bully terrorized everybody in the town.  One day, well, the bully disappeared -- the townspeople had taken care of him.  Who did it?  Well nobody would talk.  The townspeople all decided that they just didn't need to put up with this guy's SHIT anymore.  So they took care of it.  Of course, what they did, whatever it was, was illegal of COURSE and I'm not suggesting we do anything like that, but I am saying it's well past time that we all get together and agree that this guy is bad fucking news, he's dangerous, and there is absolutely NO REASON that we should have to put up with it for another DAY.

Bush, Cheney, the rest of them -- it's time to go pry their hands off the steering wheel.  It's time to lead them away where they can be locked in their quiet little jail cell where they can't hurt anybody any more.  Because that's what we DO in a civilized society with the CRIMINALLY INSANE.

Bush can play ping-pong for the rest of his life with the Bush family friend John Hinkley.  Let's face it, Hinckley's a pussy-cat compared to George Bush.  


I'm asking you WHY NOT?

Why should 300 million people put up with an INSANE RULER who only has the power that WE GIVE HIM.  


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Originally posted to theyrereal on Wed Jan 10, 2007 at 10:26 PM PST.

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