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A lot of good teaching goes on at dailyKos.  But a lot of it doesn't get read by everyone who wants to read it, because diaries scroll by so fast.
This series is about diaries that teach and about things you want to learn.  Could be any subject - an academic subject, a skill, a hobby, almost anything - but not diaries that simply inform, or it would include all of daily kos.  

Next week, this diary will not be posted, at least not by me, because I am hosting the dkos book club.....and the next book is


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What I do is, each week, search for the tags 'teaching' and 'learning' and for diarists whom I know write diaries that teach.  Then I'll post the list, with perhaps some brief comment, and open the floor to people who want to learn something specific.

You can help me by tagging diaries with 'teaching' or 'learning' when you see diaries that merit those tags, by reminding me of what I've missed, by recommending this diary, and by commenting.

For a list of some series and diarists that might appeal, see my diary What are you teaching/learning? and the comments to it

Here we go (in alphabetical order, by diarist

a gnostic tells us about what's going on with the Jesus' tomb story

A Siegel has a few diaries about Energize America, including this one
on transportation.

boran2 has volume 82 of Saturday morning painting palooza

claude has volume 28 (if my Roman numbers are right) of  home repair

dcoronata talks about how the sun works

Frankenoid has volume 3.2 of her home and garden series

gmoke shows us some solar products and a solar PSA

infotrage ventures into the world of Catholic blogs

Kumar P discusses biofuels
and how green they are (or aren't)

Land of Enchantment discusses paper ballots and undervoting

Major Danby asks us how to start a serious blog

Mark H discusses the five types of fins

scoutbama has some insights into teaching African history

theyrereal discusses biodiesel
as a way of saying "F.U." to Exxon

Unitary Moonbat returns, to continue the discussion about the history of Afghanistan

Winter Rabbit has three diaries : Two on Custer (here and here and one on Moxtaveto

But that's just part one!

Use the comments to tell us things you want to learn!  Likely someone will be able to help

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