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  he's the Pope - liberal Catholics mope,
  abandon hope.                           (1)
Such a right-winger
  threatens you, if you let women in,
  you’ll burn for sin!                    (2)

Pious words he will pour in your ear,
  Ex Cathedra’s what you need to fear.         (3)
For a pro-choice pol, you’ll get the finger,   (4)
  you can kiss the ring
  of Mr. Ratzinger.
Girly man  - beware of his Word of God -
  his line is hard!


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Pious words he will pour in your ear,
  Ex Cathedra’s what you need to fear.
For if you do it without a condom,
  it could be Kingdom Come,              (5)
  from Mr. Ratzinger.
Pedophile - beware of his Law, unless
  it’s Cardinal Law.                     (6)

His law speaks for God,
  speaks for God, speaks for God.
This man speaks for God, thinks he’s God --
  he’s not God!                          (3)

Notes                                          .
1) “Abandon hope, ye who enter here” is inscribed on the entrance to Dante’s Hell.

2)  As head of the Inquisition, predecessor of Ratzinger’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Torquemada burned some 2000 people at the stake for heresy. The line also alludes to burning of sinners in Hell.

3)  Since 1870, the Church has considered Popes to be infallible when they speak “ex Cathedra” - in the name of the Church.   To my mind this doctrine is utterly incompatible with Jesus’s teaching of humility.

4) The Vatican, under Ratzinger’s leadership, authorized US bishops to deny communion to candidates who oppose the Church’s position on abortion, but not on other issues, such as military aggression or economic inequality.

5) The Vatican’s rigid opposition to the use of condoms contributes directly to countless fatalities from HIV/AIDS.

6) Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston was notorious for protecting pedophile priests.  He was transferred to the Vatican, and served in a position of honor in Ratzinger’s inauguration ceremonies.

 (c) Mark Schaeffer 2005, written originally for Ratzinger's accession as Pope Benedict, posted in commemoration of his 80th Birthday today.    

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Originally posted to Albanius on Mon Apr 16, 2007 at 05:57 PM PDT.

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