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Sure most of us thought the Bush Administration was too stupid to pull off the downing of the twin towers and that other little one that no one really remembers, or designing a levy to collapse at the right time, or even get a white house press as for a prostitute (oh wait, they did pull that off) but it turns out we were all wrong.

See I finally got a new tin foil hat (who new the stuff you buy in the Piggly Wiggly is made out of aluminum – that stuff will never keep out the mind control rays) and it has allowed me to see the truth.  Not only can they pull it off – but they did it again.  Quick, follow me to the other side before then men in black get here.


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I was following Kos's link to his Warriors Blog when I came across a picture of Jessica Alba at the game.  Once I stopped staring at here (2 hours later) I saw this a story about a fuel truck blowing up early Sunday morning just east of the bay bridge – destroying part of the freeway and seriously affecting traffic – like those trying to get to the game tonight.  “That sucks”, I thought. “They should probably take BART”.  But then I starting thinking more about it and it just don’t make sense.

First off – I am sort of an expert on fuel trucks as I work for a major oil company.   Now I don’t know if it was one of our trucks, and true, the work I do has nothing to do even remotely with refining oil into gas, or transporting gas, or trucks.  But I recently bought some gas for my car (and had some serious intestinal problems from the microwaved burrito purchased at the same place) and I work for an oil company, so this makes me an expert.

So the first thing I figured is, these trucks are designed NOT to blow up, because if they were, they would blow up like all the time, and I would have heard about that.  So right away, I am suspicious.  I almost let it go – but then I read this !!!!!!

Huge leaping flames from an exploding gasoline tanker melted the steel underbelly of a highway overpass in the East Bay's MacArthur Maze early this morning, causing it to collapse onto the roadway below and virtually ensuring major traffic problems for weeks to come.

If we have learned anything from Reno 911 its that stereo types are funny.  And if we have learned anything from 9-11, it is that FIRE CAN NEVER MELT STEEL.  I mean, if jet fuel burning in an enclosed space had no effect on the steel in the twin towers, it is obvious that simply gasoline burning below an overpass could never get hot enough to effect the steel in the freeway, yet they expect us to believe –

Engineers said the green steel frame of the I-580 overpass and the bolts holding the frame together began to melt and bend in the intense heat - and that movement pulled the roadbed off its supports.
Engineers – I actually work with engineers and you can get them to say whatever you want for a jelly donut – please.  Obviously something was wrong here – so I dug deeper – and the list of things not adding up grew – till I had 5 – then I stopped because 5 is a good number.  Here they are –

1.    The driver, from Woodland Ca., name is James Mosqueda.  Obviously you can see where I am going with this.  That’s right – I have been to woodland many times and never met any named James.  Jim yes, but no James.
2.    “James” (or what ever his name is,) flipped his truck, escaped with some burns, hailed a cap that took him to Kaiser Hospital in Oakland.  Not only is it impossible to get a cab at 3 in the morning but have you ever been in the Oakland Kaiser hospital at 3 in the morning with a kid who has an ear infection.  I have, and I never saw any truck drivers come in with burns.
3.    Then there is this:

Oakland firefighters, the first public safety workers on the scene, arrived with two engines at 3:55 a.m., Capt. Cedric Price said.
"We didn't know it was a tanker truck that was involved. As soon as that was established we immediately upgraded to a large scale incident response team and added two more engines and two trucks," Price said.
Like they just have extra truck lying around when they need them – obviously someone tipped them off to the possibility of a fire before hand and they had truck – and extra firefighters, on call
4.    And more:
Jennifer Summers, 36, was driving from her costume design job in San Francisco home to the Oakland hills just before 4 a.m. when she saw black smoke and realized the freeway was on fire...
When she got out of her car, flames were shooting into the sky over multiple layers of freeway and she could hear loud crackling and explosions.
"There were bright, bright orange flames and they were huge," said Summers. ...
I won’t even go into Costume Designing at 4 am – I bet if you looked through all government records you would find a Jennifer Summers, or at least a J summers, or Jennifer S, who works for the government – somewhere.  Anyway, I don’t know how many times I heard that “The twin towers were billowing dark smoke. These were sooty fires. There wasn’t a lot of oxygen and they were burning at a low temperature.”. So many times in fact that it has to be true!  SO now what do you say, Ms. Costume Designer (AKA CIA assassin).
5.    Okay so maybe the Bush Administration is brilliant and stupid – because first there is this: they expect us to believe this:
"It looked like a big slab of plastic because it was melted. It's made of steel and concrete and it was bent at both angles of the pillar. It really looked fake...
 where they admit it was faked and then they expect us to believe this:
No sign of the truck remains at the scene. One Caltrans worker there early this morning held up his thumb and forefinger an inch apart to describe how big the tanker is now.
 I mean come on, first they expect us to believe that only major pieces of the plane that hit the pentagon could be found, andnow this – I am sensing a pattern here.
Now for a look at the photos:

As proved previously, you can not have black smoke with hot fire, so this picture is obviously faked, and besides, I am not sure, but I think that is Madonna’s face in the smoke (pre material girl).

First off I think the fireman in the back ground is throwing up over the rail because he can’t stomach the lies any more and second, I have searched really really hard but I can not figure out who the guy in the red shirt is and what he is doing there.  In addition, at some point someone was heard to say “I think it is ready to blow” while the truck was burning.  If he was talking about the fuel truck, he would have said explode, not blow, which is a term only used in controlled demolition and for a sexual act that has nothing to do with blowing – at least not if you are doing it right.

Finally look at these photos, taken by the same photographer, side by side.
Obviously the photo on the left has been altered to remove the dozer that would have no reason to be near a construction site, and must have been part of the conspiracy.  Fortunately, they have MISTAKENLY left both photos up on their site, so I have downloaded them to a server in a remote location off of the grid before the wise up.

Well I could go on, but let’s just say this in closing – this accident may have meant some Golden State fans were late, OR EVEN MISSED, the game, which may have meant a reduced home court advantage – and who owns the GS Warriors?  - Not Halliburton, that’s who – more on this as it develops...and after I get a book or movie deal, or at least get to meet Jessica Alba.

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Originally posted to ETinKC on Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 11:00 PM PDT.

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