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Count All Votes

If your Vote Doesn't Count --
You Don't Count

Please Watch this Clip:




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Florida Voters Coalition


New York Times

Florida Acts to Eliminate Touch-Screen Voting System


Published: May 4, 2007

MIAMI, May 3 -- Florida legislators voted on Thursday
to replace touch-screen voting machines
installed in 15 counties after the troubled 2000 presidential election here
with a system of optical scan voting.

With optical scanning, voters mark paper ballots
that are counted by scanning machines,

leaving a paper trail that remains available for recounts.

The move is the nation's biggest repudiation of touch-screen voting,
which was embraced after the 2000 recount as a way to restore confidence
that every vote would count.

But the reliability of touch-screen machines has
increasingly come under scrutiny,
as has the difficulty of doing recounts without a paper trail.

"This legislation will preserve the integrity of Florida's elections
and protect every Floridian's right to have his or her vote counted,"
Gov. Charlie Crist said in a statement


Florida Voters Coalition

2007 Position Paper on Voting Systems

15 March 2007

The Florida Voters Coalition (FVC) calls on Florida officials
to return elections to their rightful owners - the voters - in 2007.

Currently, Florida's elections are unreasonably controlled by
private, corporate interests
and conducted by secret, unverifiable means.

These are the top six measures that The Florida Voters Coalition calls [for] ...

1) Make Voter Verified Paper Ballots (VVPB)-- defined as durable paper ballots hand marked by the voter ...

2) Mandate random, statistically significant, manual (hand-to-eye) independent audits ...

3) redefine manual recounts to include ALL VVPB instead of only overvotes and undervotes ...

4) Facilitate the use of VVPB for all Early Voters ...

5) "ensure that new technologies are appropriately certified in a timely manner for all elections" by proactively soliciting, testing and certifying multi-lingual ballot systems ... providing an equal opportunity for language minorities and disabled voters to cast an unaided and private vote.

6) Extend the deadline for certification of elections to allow adequate time to conduct random, statistically significant audits prior to certification.


The State of Florida has reclaimed their Voting System ...
to make ALL Votes Count again (and in record time, too)

SO Why NOT your State too?

(OHIO, are you listening?)

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Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Fri May 04, 2007 at 03:27 PM PDT.

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