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The Lincoln JournalStar is reporting that Kleeb, a competitive Democrat in 2006 for NE-03, may be considering a Senate run. On Tuesday he sent letters out to his 2006 supporters:

“I need your help in continuing to reject partisan politics and embrace positive change,” Kleeb wrote his 2006 contributors.

“Together, we sparked a conversation that engaged a new generation of young voters,” he said.

Kleeb said he and his wife are “starting a family” and he has settled in Hastings “rather than take a job on the East Coast, as many claimed we would.”

In addition to his new teaching position, Kleeb said he’s working as an advocate for renewable energy and helping sell beef internationally for a Sandhills cattle ranch.


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Many of you may recall that Kleeb garnered national attention, and quite a bit of attention here on dailykos. At one point,  internal polling indicated an extremely competitive race but Kleeb ended up losing by 10 points to Club for Growth candidate, Adrian Smith.  It scared the bejesus out of the Repubs, however, as they felt it necessary to send Bush to one of the most conservative and rural districts in the US to campaign.

I'm just salivating over a Kleeb v. Hagel.  I might be getting excited a little prematurely, Hagel hasn't even committed to running yet and he would have to beat out Bruning in the primaries.  If Hagel does enter the race and win the primary, however, the two most likely Democratic contenders (Mike Fahey and Bob Kerrey) have vowed not run against him, leaving it open for Kleeb.  

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Originally posted to Nebraska Outsider on Tue Jun 26, 2007 at 08:52 PM PDT.

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