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Al Qaeda is back to pre-9/11 strength.  The White House continues to obstruct justice and show contempt of Congress.  The slaughter in Iraq grinds pointlessly on to the tune of $12 billion of your dollars a month.  Now have you had enough?


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A few of us gathered around the nation last Sunday at noon to let people know we've had enough.  We wore t-shirts and carried signs that we'd had enough.  In L.A. we were joined by others with impeachment signs.  We got plenty of support from passers by as well as a few middle fingers from middle-aged BMW drivers.  We all pledged to return tomorrow, Sunday, from noon to one and do it again.  Only this time, we're each going to bring two more people.

We're going to keep growing.

We have to.  There is a looming Constitutional crisis in our country between the President and the Congress because the administration believes itself above the law.  We the people need to stand up and show our elected leaders that we support the Constitution.  We've had enough lawless behavior from the administration.

Please come out on Sunday and stand with us.  We don't need songs, chants, bands or speeches.  We just need the power of numbers.

If you want to read more on what we're trying to accomplish and the basic groundrules click on last week's diary -  


These are some of the other locations people gathered last week and will gather again this week.  If you've had enough, join them.

Winthrop, ME - Downtown Winthrop, on the town green.

Atlanta GA - Atlanta State Capitol Building

Baltimore, MD - Federal Courthouse and headquarters for the US Attorney office for Maryland located at 101 Lombard st 4 blocks from the harbor.

Chicago IL - front of the Art Institute

Cleveland OH - E.9th and Lakeside

Denver CO - outside Denver Post building, Colfax & Broadway

Federal Way, WA - On corners of the South 320th Street and Pacific Hwy South intersection in Federal Way, Washington every Sunday from noon until 1 PM.

Little Rock AR - Corner of E. Markham St. and S. Cumberland

Los Angeles CA - Federal Building in Westwood at the corner of Veteran and Wilshire

Madison WI - the Square on State Street

Memphis TN - Poplar & Highland

Ojai CA - Libbey Park

Philadelphia PA - front of National Constitution Center on Independence Mall, 525 Arch Street across from the Liberty Bell

Questa NM - Stop light near Veterans Memorial

San Diego/Poway CA - Corner of Twin Peaks and Pomerado Road

San Francisco CA - New Federal Building at 7th and Mission

Seattle WA - Federal Courthouse at 7th (8th) and Virginia

Vista CA - at the courthouse (sidewalk out Melrose)

Waterbury VT - junction of Main Street and Stowe Street

Wilmington NC - front of the Federal courthouse

If you don't see your hometown on this list and you want to let your neighbors know you've had enough, please put a location for people to meet in the comments below. Just go there from noon to one on Sunday and keep going back each week.  And keep bringing two more people.

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Originally posted to WesClarkJr on Sat Jul 14, 2007 at 01:17 PM PDT.

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