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  • Hillary Clinton Communications Direct Howard Wolfson will go on O'Reilly's program (8 p.m.) to debate him on YearlyKos. It appears this is no longer operative. Hillary appears invested in the netroots, which is a great thing for all of us.
  • Really, there's nothing more brain-dead obvious right now than impeaching Gonzales.
  • We already know David Brooks just makes shit up, since he admitted it himself. Here he goes again, in his column.
  • Here's a list of the most independent-minded House Democrats. No surprises on the list, which are mostly southern and very conservative districts. And given our strong House majority, we can afford to give these Democrats free votes to secure their "independent" bona fides.
  • Meanwhile, despite losing many House "moderates" in 2006, the House GOP is more divided than ever. While the least loyal Democrat was Gene Taylor of Mississippi, voting with the Democrats 69.2 percent of the time, the least loyal Republican was Wayne Gilchrest of Maryland, voting with Republicans just 52.3 percent of the time. In fact, there were 10 Republicans less loyal to their party than Taylor.
  • And in the Senate, Dems are more unified than Republicans. The GOP, however, can afford some disharmony. They are on a record-breaking filibustering pace.
  • IL-14: Bill Foster, one of several candidates in the primary to succeed Dennis Hastert in this district, is proud to be attending YearlyKos. Bill O'Reilly just got the vapors.
  • The PC world hates the MS Vista operating system. I'm so glad I'm a Mac user. And yes, my iPhone still rocks.
  • You ever wonder why shower curtains blow in towards you while taking a shower? I had. Well, here's the answer. And, like anything that includes the word "vortex", the answer is pretty cool.
  • The sheer number of people who patronize this site ensure a steady stream of bizarre characters and ideas. But really, how is it that, based on certain diarists and commenters, Ron Paul is our friend and John Conyers is our enemy? Crazy!

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Originally posted to Daily Kos on Tue Jul 24, 2007 at 11:14 AM PDT.

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