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Just to come clean in advance, I made this statement three years ago. And I hope people will actually read this before judging. In my first Rec list diary.

After all, some people hear do try to defend a Lieberman or a Biden, never because they support their positions, but because we need the warm bodies. Ditching Joementum would no longer be an issue if we were to gain a Ron Paul. Hell, we'd finally have someone who has the balls to call out Bush on the war.
I've been a Ron Paul fan since the EXACT same day I became a Russ Feingold fan: when they both voted against the Patriot act

  Once upon a time, way back at the end on the seventies, liberals were praying for Reagan to get the nomination over Ford because we assumed it would be a cakewalk. Not our brightest move.
More down there.

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Worst case scenario, if a Rethug wins, or if Hillary picks Joementum as her VP, I'd like an insurance policy.
I am not endorsing Paul at all, so don't take this out of context. But if a Rethug wins, I'd prefer someone who takes zero dollars from lobbyists, would end the war, get us out of NAFTA, abolish the Patriot act, and end the war on drugs. Any other Rethug would just keep the neocon bullshit going on.
 People often forget that it was progressive libertarians who got Paul Hackett, John Testor, and Jim Webb on the map. Until he took his hat out of the ring, Russ Feingold led EVERY DK straw poll for president. Without Feingold, our positions are not being addressed by the current front runners. If you really want to shut up the RP people, than draft Russ Feingold, dammit!!!
Edwards is my man , Obama is my second choice, Richardson is third, Gravel is fourth, and Kucinich is fifth. So don't question my progressive credibility. That said, if Ron Paul says something I wish a Democrat would say, I'm not gonna pretend it didn't happen, just like my fellow Irish friend Bill Maher.
((youtube NTtqQZ_M2bE))
I AM NOT ENDORSING RON PAUL. So don't play games with this. I just want to get it off my chest. As far as other RP diaries go, I'll only uprate unwarranted troll ratings when neccisary, and voice my disdain for cheap shots. Beyond that,  I'm done.
This is all I have to say on this issue, in the foreseeable future. I as much as I like RP, I don't wish to go to war with my freinds, so I'm done.

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Originally posted to McGirk on Mon Oct 01, 2007 at 10:22 AM PDT.

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