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Greatings from LoCal. Not the part of it that is ablaze currently, but the other month we certainly had our share of panic attacks and heartbreak, as we have had for decades here in Santa Barbara. The Coyote Fire. The Sycamore Canyon Fire. The Painted Cave Fire. The Zaca Fire. Those who have lived here for any length of time know we live just a spark away from the intoxicating destruction of fire. But, these days of climate change...imagine fires...with no water to put them out...or even drink.

Massive fires consistent with climate change, predicted years ago. The catastrophic fires that are sweeping Southern California are consistent with what climate change models have been predicting for years, experts say. Bend Weekly


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South Carolina, Georgia unite to address coastal water woes. Local water officials call the agreement an important step in stopping the migration of saltwater into the Upper Floridan aquifer, an important drinking water resource for Hilton Head and coastal Georgia. Hilton Head Island Packet

Drinking water outlook grim, officials learn. New Jersey officials heard sobering news Tuesday that the state is running out of drinking water, but environmentalists said the bigger problem is the government is not doing anything about it. Cherry Hill Courier-Post

Coke, Pepsi: Big cuts in water use unlikely. Coke and Pepsi have stepped up efforts to use less water in key Atlanta production plants as state officials consider restricting industrial water use. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Anger flows over "dry" river in Fort Collins. The Cache La Poudre River through Fort Collins nearly ran dry last week, prompting environmentalists to protest repeated no-flow periods and proposals for more upstream water projects. Denver Post

Oklahoma looks to its water future. The effects of climate change are real and should be considered by officials formulating the state's 50-year plan for water usage and supply, the state's top climate official said Thursday. Oklahoma City Oklahoman

Climate expert sees drought, floods for Texas. A top climate scientist warned Wednesday that Texas faces a dual threat from floods and drought if global warming is left unchecked. Houston Chronicle

Rain likely to dampen area but not douse the drought. The Washington region began getting yesterday what experts hope will be the first sustained rain in weeks, but it is unlikely to reverse the extensive impact of the five-month drought that has parched much of the Southeast. Washington Post.

US states war over water from Georgia. South-eastern US states are locked in a war of words over water supplies to the drought-hit region, after the governor of Alabama urged Washington to turn down a request from neighbouring Georgia to allow it to keep more water in the state. Financial Times

Conflict on Petes Mountain. Life today for Christine and Jerry Schlesser is tenuous at best. The couple, who live off Schaeffer Road on Petes Mountain, have to conserve every drop of water that comes from their pipes, and they’re not sure if their home will retain its high value. West Linn Tidings

Questions, theories of why this is happening. The fires sweeping Southern California raise provocative questions about global warming, growth and even evacuation patterns, underscoring how little we know at a time when more people are settling on the fringes of wilderness. Sacramento Bee

Lack of water conditions future of Chile’s mining industry. Sergio Gonzalez, one of four Chileans working with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warned this week that the economic future of Chile’s mining industry cannot be sustained unless the nation deals seriously with its growing water shortage. MercoPress

As water dwindles, families cut back. Gov. Mike Easley, meet 4-year-old Luke Murphy of Durham. In recent days, Luke, with the help of his parents, has been taking baths in a half-full tub in an attempt to adhere to the governor's call to conserve water. Raleigh News & Observer

Drought turns up pressure on Duke Energy. The Catawba River's biggest water user faces no withdrawal limits, answers to no local authority and allows 73 million gallons a day to vanish into thin air. Charlotte Observer

Perdue: Water systems must cut usage. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue has ordered water systems in 61 drought-stricken counties -- including Muscogee -- to reduce the amount of water they use by 10 percent. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Rain, rain, come and stay. Farmers welcome daily downpours as crop-saving 'liquid gold.' Louisville Courier-Journal

Water from Little River will relieve Maryville shortage. Alcoa can potentially begin pumping water out of Little River at the Fort Loudoun Lake embayment as early as Monday to provide relief to Maryville's critical water shortage. Maryville Daily Times

Tougher drought rules unveiled. Ornamental fountains could be switched off and private swimming pools left to evaporate under extended powers announced by the government yesterday to save water during droughts. London Guardian

Environmental group appeals to China to stop Myanmar dam project. An environmental group appealed Tuesday to the Chinese government and a number of Chinese enterprises to stop work on a dam project in Myanmar that threatens to block one of Asia's great river systems. Agence France-Presse.

Cash for cutting water use. South Australia will offer cash incentives to householders to reduce water use, shifting the effort to cut consumption to inside the home. Sydney Australian

South struggles to cope with drought. For popular residential and industrial destinations like Georgia and North Carolina, the drought is a lesson in moderation and humility for a region that owes much of its success to easy availability of resources – especially water. Christian Science Monitor.

Inch by inch, Great Lakes shrink, and cargo carriers face losses. For every inch of water that the lakes lose, the ships that ferry bulk materials across them must lighten their loads by 270 tons. New York Times.

High and dry in the South. The drought in the Southeast is a crisis so dire that Georgia officials last week warned metro Atlanta residents that their supply of readily available drinking water could vanish by January. US News & World Report.

China diverts river water to Olympics rowing site. Beijing has had to divert water from a willow-lined river northeast of the city to replenish its Olympics rowing and canoeing venue which has run dry, Xinhua news agency said on Monday. - Reuters

Recent study shows Rio Grande water is in danger. A recent study presented at a press conference in Albuquerque shows that if there aren't changes made, by 2080, the Rio Grande Valley will have much less water than the area will need.- El Defensor Chieftan


Jack Daniels water supply is running low and putting the century-plus whiskey business in jeopardy.

Jerry Hamilton is the distillery plant manager for Jack Daniels. He checks the progress of the whiskey being made at the Lynchburg distillery. While doing so he finds a small problem - wasting water.

The water here has become a precious commodity. The water source for the whiskey is a spring flowing through the Jack Daniels property. For more than 140 years this spring, known as Cave Spring, has been the water supply for Jack Daniels. It is one of the most essential parts of the whiskey’s recipie. - WBKO

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