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This is to keep Vikingkingq's breaking news story breaking.  Summary: a Republican political operations group known as Arno Political Consultants has gatherers collecting signatures while lying to the signers.

The Contra Costa Timesreports* that Art Torres is on it:

SACRAMENTO -- State Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres on Thursday asked Attorney General Jerry Brown to investigate what Torres called fraudulent "bait and switch" tactics to deceive voters into signing a petition to place a Republican-backed Electoral College measure on the ballot.
First, here is Vikingkingq's update.  And here is the story from the Daily Nexus.

There been some traction with this, lets keep it up.  I will be going outside soon to look for signature gatherers, and will report them if I find any.  Something to do this weekend!


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Here are other blogs covering the story:


Here are MSM outlets that have jumped on it

Contra Costa Times

Not a whole damn lot, is it?

California Progress Reports on a related story, misuse of signature lists from the recall election:

In a story printed in today’sSacramento Bee, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa is said to be “sending out letters to the same voters who signed the recall position in 2003”.

But that’s against the law. California Elections Code 18650 states clearly that, “No one shall knowingly or willfully permit the list of signatures on an initiative, referendum, or recall petition to be used for ANY PURPOSE other than qualification of the initiative, referendum or recall”. [Emphasis added] Violation of this section is a misdemeanor.

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you expect a Member of Congress to know the law? Well, maybe we can’t expect a Republican Member of Congress to obey the law??

Poor Darrell Issa, perhaps someone should fact-check his resume.  I wonder if he ever figured that his recall would put exactly the WRONG kind of Republican in the Governor's condo.

Okay, I'm drifiting.  Please post links to any good reportage of this issue.  

[*Updated to fix link, if anyone is still reading this.]

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Originally posted to Hjiorst on Fri Nov 16, 2007 at 02:57 PM PST.

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