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You know, there's a lot of talk of "change" during this election season. We keep hearing the Presidential Candidates talk about "change", and how they truly represent change. But you know what? I'm kind of tired of all the talk of "change"... I want someone I know can make change happen, and I know Dolores and other friends of mine agree on this.

Why? Follow me after the flip to find out...


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Something really special happened on the Sunday before Christmas. Dolores Huerta, a true living legend for the progressive community, came to my community in Orange County to tell us why she's supporting Hillary Clinton for President. She was joined by local community leaders like my State Assembly Member, Jose Solorio, local leaders who also had their own inspiring stories to tell. All in all, their messages confirmed to me that I made the right choice, and that Hillary really is the "agent of change" we're looking for.

In particular, I really liked what Richard Chavez, Dolores' husband (and brother of Cesar Chavez) had to say when he explained he chose Hillary:

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"We need change... And the only person who can bring about change is Hillary. She is the only one who can bring about the change we want."
We know Hillary has the strength, the courage, and the experience to make change happen. We know how much Hillary has worked to end Bush's Iraq occupation and prevent any war with Iran. We know how much Hillary is committed to universal health care, and we know her plan to cover everyone truly will cover everyone. We know how much Hillary is committed to taking care of our planet, and we know her climate and energy plan will take serious action on one of the greatest security threats of our time. We know Hillary is on our side, and we know she's the one who can get the job done when it comes to the change we so need.

But anyways, I liked what Richard had to say about Hillary. Oh yes, and I also liked what Dolores had to say about Hillary. She's been fighting the good fight for so long, so she knows what it will take to make change happen. She's been a strong leader in the progressive movement, and that's why I know I can trust Dolores Huerta when she says...

"The greatest gift we can give our country is to make Hillary Clinton our next President... The thing that truly stands out about Hillary is leadership. On universal health care, she was out years ago saying we need national health care. Hillary was the first one to talk about universal health care. She wants the same kind of health care plan for all of us that she has." [...]

"When you see her, you'll see what a charismatic, warm person she is."

Yep, Hillary truly is a leader on health care. When others said that it couldn't be done, she kept fighting for it. And even though the far right wackos still mock Hillary over "socialized medicine", Hillary beat their behinds and made SCHIP happen, giving health care to millions of kids who needed it. Even though Bush and the Republicans didn't originally make sure that our National Guard troops had health care when they came home, Hillary worked to make sure they got the health care they need. And as I mentioned earlier, Hillary's current plan to cover everyone will actually take action to cover everyone. Dolores is right. Just on this issue alone, Hillary has proven to be an effective leader.

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But of course, we know Hillary's leadership doesn't end there. That's why Dolores trusts Hillary. That's why Jose trusts Hillary. That's why all these people trust
Hillary. We know she has what it takes to make our hopes a reality and take action to bring about change.

We live in troubled times. We have an occupation to end. We have a planet to save. We have people in need of help who aren't being helped. And you know what? We can't wait for "change" while other politicians only talk about it.

We need a President who will do more than talk, a President who will act for change. That's what we need. That's why Hillary is the one for us.

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