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One thing that's fascinating about the Huckabee victory in Iowa is that the movement that propelled him to victory -- his Evangelical base -- is truly a cousin to our very own people-powered movement.

Think about it -- these are people that have been taken for granted by the Republican establishment, exploited and overworked, only to receive crumbs and empty rhetoric in return. Sick of being marginalized except when needed (election time), they have taken matters into their own hands and -- without money or "professional" organization, propelled their candidate (one of their own) to victory.

I've noted before that Ron Paul was the only people-powered candidate in the race, based on his ridiculous fundraising ($19 million in Q4 alone). But his movement was only able to muster 10 percent in Iowa. It's a new movement, like the Dean people in 2004, and still finding its sea legs in an unfamiliar environment. They can deliver lawn signs and stickers, but it might be a while before they can deliver votes (we'll see how they do in New Hampshire). Huckabee's supporters may not have much scratch to give, but boy can they deliver bodies and votes, even when facing a full frontal assault from their party's establishment. Being part of the GOP's ground game going on two decades, they've got the experience to actually deliver.

They are true gate crashers, perhaps the best we've seen in politics. Trained as worker bees for the GOP machine, they are now throwing off those shackles and attempting a veritable coup.

Their impudence has of course earned the fierce enmity of their party's neocon and corporate con wings, and they will strike hard with every Rovian tool at their disposal. Gate crashing is never greeted with open arms.  


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Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Jan 04, 2008 at 10:46 AM PST.

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