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Many progressives, for many years, have dreamt of seeing Bush impeached.  We were heartbroken when our so-called leaders took it off the table.  We constantly call out for investigations, but get nowhere.  Why?  Bill and Hillary let the United States Office of the Independent Counsel expire in 1999.  This handed Bush basically free reign over the Presidency.


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The special prosecutors office was the democratic Congress' response to Nixon's overreaching Presidential powers.  They, unlike the current bunch, understood that every substantial charge against the executive branch should be investigated for the good of the nation.  Watergate and Nixon's saturday night massacre showed them the beast that a imperial Presidency can allow to grow.  This office served the nation well, but going up against the Clinton family it met its demise.  

Bill and Hillary are not exactly clean political figures.  Barack Obama hasn't brought a fraction of Hillary's dirty past out, but be sure to see it again in the general should we foolishly pick her.  The Clinton's play dirty and have spent and still spend a lot of time in the mud.  They were investigated by the independent counsel for using political office to pressure for a illegal $300,000 loan to Susan McDouglal in a shady land deal, using friends to run the White House travel agency, Bill's sexual harassment in the workplace, lying under oath, Hillary lying about knowing where documents were only to have her fingerprints found on them, etc.  

Had the Clinton White House worked to save the independent counsel there is no doubt many of Bush's actions would have been investigated and perhaps led to impeachment or criminal charges.  For example, the energy meetings - missing emails - the Iraq war - lying about Iran - exposing a CIA agent - etc.  

What we have done is let a bunch of criminals get rid of the rules thus allowing the next criminals far less pressure and a open cookie jar in which to take out all they want.  We have Bill and Hillary to thank for Bush and all the hell he has caused.

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Originally posted to flatoutspent on Tue Jan 22, 2008 at 02:35 PM PST.

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