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Thirty-five years ago Hillary Rodham met my Uncle Tom.  They shared an office as young lawyers working on Watergate.  I can picture their meeting, his feet up on the desk, a greeting something to the tune of “how’s life Hill?”  She would smile and laugh.  Twelve years ago, my Uncle died of a sudden hard attack.  Soon after, with my dad down 20 percent with a month left to go in his bid to win the Iowa Governorship, Hillary Clinton came to speak for my family.  She came, not as a politician, but in tribute to a good friend.  She came to Iowa because she cared for my Uncle.  To the surprise of most, my dad won.  I am writing because I know Hillary Clinton and I think she is a wonderful person.  To say otherwise is to let Newt Gingrich whisper in your ear.  To say otherwise is to forget why she has fought for healthcare, children and education her entire life.  Hillary Clinton cares.  This is just something that needs to be remembered.  


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To understand better, take a moment and listen to Chelsea Clinton speak about her mother’s bid for the presidency.  She speaks with authority.  She knows the issues.  She makes her case.  In so many ways she reminds me of her mother, with her ability to break down the issues and respond with confidence, BUT she is not Hillary Clinton.  For a moment, look at Hillary through Chelsea and you will understand what Hillary believes without the gloss that the Republicans put on her in the 90s.  You will remember who Hillary is fighting for and why she is doing what she is doing.  She is fighting for Chelsea, she is fighting for me, she is fighting for the future.

P.S. This is in response to all of those that took shots at me for writing a short bit about why, as a young person (27), I support Hillary Clinton.  When I wrote it, I wrote from experience and from the heart for a person I felt strongly about.  Many responses were bitter and took it for granted that I was being condescending, that my tone was negative from the start.  I like Barack Obama and think, in time, he will make a great president.  I just believe there is a better candidate out there now.  But, more than anything, I want to stand with young people, to vote and to win.  No matter who the Democratic candidate is, eventually we will all have to fight together.  Why don’t we start now by reading people’s articles in support of particular candidates for what they are, heartfelt beliefs, not political hack-jobs.  This is the movement that I want to be a part of...

- Doug Vilsack, Democrat

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Originally posted to doug vilsack on Thu Jan 31, 2008 at 09:40 PM PST.

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