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We already know about the Democrats' anti-racism efforts, but what about the Republicans--John McCain in particular?

On This Day In History.
February 11, 1990:

Leading anti-apartheid campaigner Nelson Mandela has been freed from prison in South Africa after 27 years.


In 1990, the world hailed Nelson Mandela as a hero, but [McCain campaign advisor] Mr. Quinn went on the attack [writing:]

-- "After all, Mr. Mandela was put in jail 27 years ago -- not because of his humanitarian philosophy -- but because he was a terrorist who openly advocated (and personally committed) violence against the government."

-- "How many people out there across the face of America are well aware that Mandela is a bad egg, maybe even say so in the comfort and security of their homes, but are afraid to express their real opinions publicly?"

More below the fold. . ./ .

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During McCain's 2000 Presidential run, Ralph G. Neas, on behalf of People for The American Way, sharply rebuked McCain for his attachments to deplorable racists like his top campaign advisor, Richard M. Quinn who published numerous articles. . . .

The Letter continues:

"If the First Amendment means anything, it means that each person has a right to his own views, no matter how offensive or extreme.

But it does our country -- and the Republican Party -- a great disservice to lend credibility to such views by placing their proponent in a position of such high authority. A President must be President to all the people. To tie your campaign for the highest office in the land to such views would give them a legitimacy that is very troubling."

The year before he attacked Mandela in print, Mr. Quinn wrote an article about former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke's bid for public office. . . .:

-- "What better way to reject politics as usual than to elect a maverick like David Duke? What better way to tweak the nose of the establishment?"

[Richard M. Quinn  was editor-in-chief of The Southern Partisan]

 The Southern Partisan's merchandising operation, the "Southern Partisan General Store" includes a T-shirt bearing Lincoln's likeness and the legend "Sic Semper Tyrannis," the phrase shouted by John Wilkes Booth after he shot Lincoln.

Full Text at:


More about McCain and Quinn:
If you read this item, keep in mind that one of the signs of 'evil' is when actions are justified by pointing to someone worse, as in
this :

The magazine [the Southern Partisan] rarely writes about slavery, but when it does, its positions are usually not those of mainstream historians. A review of a book on the slave trade in a 1998 issue, for example, includes this passage: ''Mainstream black leaders perpetuate the myth that vicious white slave traders dragged Africans from their idyllic homeland to serve as chattel for arrogant white Americans. Readers of this magazine know otherwise.'' The review goes on to say that white slave traders were often less brutal than the African warlords who traded their subjects for livestock and herbs.
See Also:

Scroll down to "McCain's Minions" in this 2007 article.

Is John McCain fit to be The President of The United States? President of ALL the people of The United States?

The Answer?
Not without firing and disavowing many connections, a serious conversion, and many apologies, I'm afraid.

Barack Obama:

Nearly three decades ago, Barack Obama stood out on the small campus of Occidental College in Los Angeles for his eloquence, intellect and activism against apartheid in South Africa


......................I wanted to give equal time to Hillary Clinton, but don't have sufficient time to find the precise citation needed yet, [The Internet is BIG] but here's a good starting point:


If you want more. . . . .

------------ Carter tried. Reagan set the clock back.
More about how the Republicans went against international public opinion and condemned Mandela instead of continuing to work for negotiations to end apartheid ..........Republicans called Mandela a terrorist while they supported state terror by the South African apartheid government. A very sad chapter.


Joe Conasen on Republican 'Whitewashing' their history of supporting apartheid in South Africa.

-----------------------FURTHER READING.....


The Incorrigibly White Republican Party Racial Politics in the Presidential Race
JD Mayer, author - The Election of the Century and What It Tells Us About the ...

"The book places the 2000 presidential and congressional elections into the larger and future context of American politics."
Search the text to read about McCain, Mandela.

Also, very disturbing accounts of Dems not handling the race issue well either.
Gore. Willie Horton. GOP picked it up from Gore.. . . .

Let's avoid the circular firing squad that invites the GOP to keep the ammunition in circulation!

If this is true, it's nice...but quite submerged under the contradictory behavior McCain has displayed when it comes to racism  during his Presidential campaigns.


when Ronald Reagan vetoed in 1986 a comprehensive Bill on sanctions against apartheid South Africa, McCain broke Republican ranks in order to overturn that veto.


Sidebar: Also on Feb 11


1975: Tories choose first woman leader
The British Conservative Party has chosen Margaret Thatcher as its new leader.

She will be the first woman to head a British political party after a landslide victory over the other four - male - candidates.
[Committee spokesman  said:]
"We have a new and rather exciting leader. Mrs Thatcher will make the Tory Party distinctive."

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