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Update: [Hillary Clinton's campaign website just posted that $14 Million has been raised with 143,000 donors. With donations averaging $125, the campaign has raised another $1 Million online in one day.]

Hillary Clinton is setting pace for record fund raising for the month of February. As of today, the campaign has raised $13 Million with over 135,000 + donors. The campaign's initial goal of $3 Million in 3 days after Super Tuesday quickly rocketed to $10 Million with 100,000 donors. Clinton's Super Tuesday wins include the largest and most coveted prizes, California and New York. She won red states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee. She won blue states New Jersey and Massachusetts, overcoming the high-profile Kennedy endorsements in Massachusetts to pull off the biggest upset of the day. She also won purple state, Arizona. New Mexico, which is still counting ballots, is poised to tilt into Clinton's win column as well.

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The campaign website's home page now features fund raising and donor totals, and spotlights supporters' testimonials who are digging deep in their pockets and pocketbooks in a flood of support after Clinton loaned her campaign $5 Million of her personal funds in January.

On February 7th, the campaign issued the following press release:

Super Tuesday Victory Generates More than $4 Million Online in Single Day

The Clinton campaign today announced that it raised more than $4 million online in the day after polls closed on Super Tuesday. It was Hillary’s biggest single day of contributions since the campaign’s launch.

The campaign had set a goal of raising $3 million in three days -- and exceeded its target in less than 24 hours. The new goal is $6 million in 72 hours.

"We are gratified for this tremendous outpouring of support," said Clinton Campaign Internet Director Peter Daou. "From over a million volunteer hours to millions of dollars in contributions from thousands of online donors across the country, Sen. Clinton's grassroots support is a key part of her campaign's success."

In the past 48 hours, more than 35,000 donors have contributed to the campaign, helping Hillary keep pace with the combined fundraising power of Sen. Obama’s campaign, MoveOn, and Sen. Kerry’s 3 million person email list - to which Sen. Obama now has access.

Another grassroots effort hit the blogosphere, encouraging supporters to donate at least $10.44 by February 12th to help make Clinton the 44th president. As grassroots support and contributions continued to pour in, the Clinton campaign created an online "Thank You" book, featuring campaign trail photos and testimonials. In an email to donors, Clinton's message was clear: it's the people's campaign.  
"As the race for the nomination continues, I hope you'll remember that you have made this campaign your campaign. Our victories are your victories. I know that you are standing with me and that I can rely on you for help. And with your support, I know we'll win."
[Updated 1] As of this afternoon, only one (that's right one) media outlet is reporting Hillary's $13 Million record fund raising. Last night, MTV posted an interview with Pres. Clinton online that mentions it. It is irresponsible of the media to blackout, thereby mislead voters about any candidate's campaign. Hillary is keeping pace with, or closely behind Obama in fund raising. The two candidates are close in delegates and popular vote. The delegate rich states in March favor Hillary. This race isn't over, not by a long shot. I want the MSM to stop peddling the candidates, report the news instead of skewing it, and let the voters decide.

[Updated 2] Hillary Clinton's campaign website just posted that $14 Million has been raised with 143,000 donors. With donations averaging $125, the campaign has raised another $1 Million online in one day.

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Originally posted to grlpatriot on Wed Feb 13, 2008 at 04:55 PM PST.

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