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California Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero and celebrated labor leader and civil rights champion Dolores Huerta endorse Manuel Perez, Candidate for the 80th Assembly District.

"I feel honored beyond words", says Mr. Perez, "to have received this support from two of California's most distinguished leaders.  Both Dolores Huerta and Senator Romero have worked hard for those who have been marginalized and underrepresented.  I will attempt the same.”

This is one of the few California state seats in play this year, and the demographics indicate it should be blue by now.  Manuel Perez is an organizer, a healthcare provider, and a powerful progressive voice for this region.  Good thing I listened to netroots nags and ran for state delegate, because now I'll have the honor of endorsing him this Thursday at our Pre-Endorsement meeting, and caucusing for him at the State Convention.   For your people-powered politics fix, read more about Manuel Perez on the flip.

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Coachella School Board Trustee Manuel Perez grew up in both Coachella and Calexico, graduated from public schools and then from UC Riverside before coming home to teach. He later earned a Masters of Education from Harvard, worked as an organizer and health researcher and now provides health care access to thousands of families as Director of Community Health and Advocacy for a Community Health Foundation.  He and his wife Gladys are raising their family in the same community where they grew up, teaching their sons the same values they learned from their parents. - from latest press release from Agxibel Barrajas

For those who've already read David Dayen's excellent profile on Manuel Perez, you know that UFW is integral to Perez's life story.  Manuel had a date to introduce Dolores Huerta to the folks at the 1st Annual Southern Region Promotor Conference a few weeks ago, but had to miss it when he returned to Harvard to accept a 2008 Harvard Graduate School of Education Alumni of Color Achievement Award.  Clearly she has forgiven him.  About that conference, one Perez has worked hard on for many months:

Hello everyone,

As you know, Promotores from the Imperial and Riverside Counties have been working diligently to organize the 1st Annual Southern Region Promotor Conference entitled, “The People’s Conference-Sharing, Teaching and Learning for Social Change and Well Being.”   It is scheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2008 at Desert Mirage High School.  There will be many great workshops offered and the keynote will be legendary UFW organizer Dolores Huerta.  This conference is strictly for Promotores and we expect approximately 200 from throughout our regions.  However, if you would like to participate in the conference by hosting an informational/educational booth please let us know asap.  Because of our target population, the conference will be entirely in Spanish, but there will be translation services in English.  Attached are the registration form, a map, and a list for housing accommodations in case you may need a place to stay.  The attachments are in Spanish, including the Registration form.  However, if you need some help with the form, please do not hesitate to contact Poder Popular at 760-398-5327.  We are very excited about the event and we look forward to building and organizing community health with you.

Thank You,

Manuel Perez, Ed. M.
Southern Region Promotor Task Force-Member at Large
Director of Community Health and Advocacy
Borrego Community Health Foundation-
Centro Medico Coachella, Oasis, Cathedral City

This region was recently a Republican stronghold, but thanks to Bush, the neocons, and the general failure of GOP policies, Democrats are coming on strong in this region.  We have a real chance to elect a powerful liberal in the 80th, one who can advocate for better schools, equal access to health care in the context of his own experience in the field, one who can advocate for gay rights in Spanish.  This is who we need representing a region from Palm Springs to Calexico.  We need Perez in Sacramento, and now Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero and UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta have joined John Conyers, Joe Cota, Esteban Torres, LIUNA Local 777, and host of others in support of his candidacy.    More photos here.
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