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While fighting sexism is one of the main goals of the progressive movement, and the Democratic party is the main political arm of the progressive movement, the Democratic party has been woefully inadequate in attempting to address sexism and the mistreatment of women.

Former president Bill Clinton, and his apologists in the party, were the main offenders. they set the movement for workplace rights for women back by decades by telling America that having the boss getting BJ's from interns under the main office desk was an acceptable practice.

Of course in this campaign we have seen outrageously sexist remarks directed at Senator Clinton. and today we hear that another Democratic favorite (and one of mine) Eliot Spitzer has implicated himself in a prosititution ring.

It is time Democratic men stopped this sexist bullshit behavior.


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Under the guise of anti-puritanicalism Democratic men have, at least since the 1960's, treated women's rights a a tool to gain votes, while often treating women like shit. (Given Bill Clinton's worship of JFK should we have been surprised by his actions?)

In the 60's and 70's, supposedly progressive men quickly sold out the women's revolution for the sexual revolution. A sexual revolution was needed after our puritanical past, but to have that revolution without first addressing sexism meant that the sexual revolution was condemned to a sexist outcome before it even started.

As the media exploitation of women has increased, supposedly progressive men have gotten worse. There's nothing more sickening or ridiculous than a man who calls himself progressive listening to Howard Stern, as many do without seeing the contradiction.

The Clinton debacle was the low water point. people, including women, including Hillary Clinton, parroted the Clarence Thomas attitude toward those who claimed harassment.

In this cycle, the attacks from progressives on Hillary Clinton have often crossed the line into open and blatant sexism. i am no Clinton fan, but am ashamed at what some Obama supporting men have written here about her.

And today, we get the Spitzer story. While personally, i have no interest in what consenting adults do, i also refuse to block out the inarguable fact that prostitution hurts women. Thus Spitzer's apparent acts are nothing i can dismiss.

it is WAY PAST time that progressive men start labelling these sexist democratic dogs as the blight on the party that they are. If we had responded in proper fashion to Bill Clinton's outrageous actions in the Oval Office, we might have actually gotten the President Gore so many here now dream of. Instead we excused his hideous behavior, and sexism in America and the Democratic party have thrived.

So fuck Bill Clinton, fuck the men on this site who have aimed sexist vitriol at Hillary Clinton, fuck Eliot Spitzer, and fuck anyone who exploits, insults, or hurts women.

It is outrageous. It has to stop. tell these fucking sexist dogs to go hump their own legs, and get the fuck away from us!  

UPDATE: probably too late, but let me make clear, GOP men & women make Democratic men look like saints. the GOP wants to institutional sexism, while some Dem men just want to practice it personally.
but i support Democrats, so that's who i write about mostly. the GOP is a lost cause. i didn't think the Dems were. but if the responses to this are any measure, i was wrong, many of the Dems who responded here certainly seem lost.

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Originally posted to catchaz on Mon Mar 10, 2008 at 12:08 PM PDT.

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