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It could be hard for Obama-thon when you have the Beaver Times in PA reporting how brave Hillary is.  A local voter noted Hillary's courage by sarcastically pointing out it must have taken much courage for Hillary "to march 4,034 father, mothers, sons, and daughters to die in a foreign country..." Now there's courage for ya Hillary!

In any event, as the bottom survey shows, PA is going to sort this mess out tomorrow and Obama will win.  We are just left to guess "where the heck is team Hillary going to move that goal post on casters now?"  


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Things are going to be hard in Beaver, PA for Obama! Times reports how brave Hillary is.  A local voter noted Hillary's courage by sarcastically pointing out it must have taken much courage for Hillary "to march 4,034 father, mothers, sons, and daughters to die in a foreign country..."  Wow, no wonder Bill has used his important visit to the area to merely talk about football stats.  I guess when you have no comeback to Hillary's vote on Iraq you go with football.  Hillary has countered with "small states don't count, southern states don't count, caucus states don't count, and any place called 'Beaver' don't count."

In Sunbury, PA the Daily Item makes the outcome all but official, of the 112 students polled, all being unable to really vote, 55% voted for Obama and 29% for McCain and 6% for Hillary.  Also, in bigger news, there is something about "life and the mechanical bull."  Hey, it's headline news so I report it.

Big story in New Castle - teen rebuts drug charge!  In micro print under that heading, in size 4 font, the local rag does ponder "which candidate has more credibility?"  Answers to that question will remain unknown b/c it is a dead hyper-link.  Yet, when the local republican supports Obama, we don't need no stinking hyper-links to tell us which way the wind blows.

The Lewiston Sentinal is downright prophetic.  They report dismal gray skies and steady showers for Clinton supporters.  On a more chipper note, there is a poll which shows only 48% of the locals think Hillary should just drop out of the race.  Hillary's people see that as a vote of confidence because, while not all voting for her, 52% think she should stay in.

All is safe in Sayre, PA.  First, the Maple Ave. Fire is ruled accidental.  Second, Valley residents come out to support Obama.  I've scanned all 200 words on their front page and there isn't any mention of a Clinton.  Hopefully, as Sayre goes so does the country...may we all stop talking about Clintons.

The Pottstown Mercury is taking Rendell to task b/c he thinks gambling is so cool.  I guess that explains his poor choice of candidates.  While the locals read that "gambling money is not the answer" the local paper lets them know if a break with the same old politics of the past is what we truly want, and we keep saying we do, then we believe Sen. Obama offers the greater hope for change."  Can't really argue with Pottstown now can you?

Boom!  Hillary gets the poisonous pill from the Allentown Call!  Polling in this PA town was a little tough for me.  They were reeling from "Mold."  The crap will kill ya! They barely had a moment for any Tom-Foolery election here!  Yet, the locals took a sec out and found Obama has made only one mistake.  "He tried to have an adult conversation about the issues confronting our nation...unfortunately....Clinton is trying to poison air..."  The Allentown folk peeked past the fog of war and saw "Obama's public service shows he's not an elitist ."

The Bradford Era has voted for change!!  Unfortunately, the need for change was the excuse the County Commissioner gave when she fired poor Ron Langellafrom his post as the local public defender. The other big news over shadowing Bill's visit to the area was the poll which asked "are you in favor of the local schools purchase of artificial turf?"  As to both Bill and the turf...the resounding answer was NO!

The Wayne Independent out of Honesdale is concentrating on "the Incredible Shrinking woman!"  And no, it wasn't about Hillary and her evaporating lead.  This paper is going to wake up after the primary and report on politics.  Until then they are still pushing cutting news such as the fire at the Lakeside Family Vision Care.

Finally, Hillary would have gotten the 3AM call in Greene Township.  It appears at 3AM someone hit a house in Greene Township with their car and drove off.  I shit you not!  This 3AM drama is catching fire in America! Police are investigating. How would Hillary handled that little Obama-Drama?  Yet, of the 30 people polled in Chambersburg, PA 23.33% are undecided. Also, John Daywalt led the police on a vehicle, then foot, chase and is going to be charged with DUI and being the sole holdout for Hillary in Chambersburg!    


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Originally posted to Uncle on Mon Apr 21, 2008 at 01:15 PM PDT.

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