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Tonight's expected split decision will effectively end the primary campaign.  As our guy "Chucky T" has pointed out, there will be more undeclared superdelegates than elected delegates left.  (As an aside, Chuck Todd is my favorite analyst because he doesn't look like he got into this to be on TV.  It's like they had to drag him out in front of the camera because no one else could really explain what he had to say, but I digress)

In tonight's victory speach, Obama must wrest the narrative back from the Clinton's.  He must be presidential and offer an alternative narrative to the Clinton talking points and ever shifting endgame the media so readily adopts in order to selfishly drag on the campaign.

Declare victory and send them all home.


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It's truly amazing to me the degree in which the cable news outlets have accepted the constantly moving goalposts.  It's as if ever since Ohio, it suddenly became winner take all instead of proportional representation.  HRC didn't have to merely win those states, she had to close the gap.  And she hasn't.

How can Camp Clinton continually be allowed to indignantly demand that every vote be counted in Florida and Michigan while simultaneously maintaing that the will of the voters shouldn't decide this nomination.  Their ability to control the narrative is stunning.  The media whose deriliciton of duty brought us such goodies as George Bush (endless replays of Al Gore's sighs) and the War in Iraq 2.0 will have blood on their hands once again if they allow her to use them as the getaway car to help steal the nomination.  

It's time for Obama to act like he is what we know him to be; the next President. Grab the bully pulpit and lay a little truth on us. It's gotta go something like this only, you know, better...

"While there are still six contests left to go and we respect the will of all of the voters yet to come, the vast majority of Democratic primary voters have spoken and their voices have been heard.  We've won more states and more delegates.  It's clear that when all of the remaining votes have been counted, the will of the people will be clear.  They've embraced our call for Change."

"Now, we all understand that it's a close race and our party has superdelegates.  These individuals are free to cast thier votes where they see fit.  We await their determination.  But from this day forward, it's clear the voters have had their say."

Force that into the consciouness.  Make sure it's impossible to ingore it.  Give them something else to talk about with the added bonus that, for once, it's actually true.

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Originally posted to dts on Tue May 06, 2008 at 01:59 PM PDT.

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