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Musical artists have been stirred by the Obama muse this year. There is little doubt, our culture is now relishing a robust passion for artistic expression.  I bumped into an innovative video by TI$A, a new find for me.  It voices part of that vast artistic spectrum inspired and mobilized for Obama.

 Many fine Illustrators are well established as political artists. I featured Nick Dewar today, whose art is not all political, though it's all fantastic.  But craftspeople doing political art?  Yes, and the medium is, ready? Seeds!

Always scouting for art, I poked around for some political art and found multimedia variety: Music, illustration, and crafts. All art with a pointed statement.

More after jump.


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 Illustrators can use a variant a graphic element, as demonstrated by Nick Dewar.  I hope to honor his crisp, clean style and superb talent in a feature with links to his gallery.  Beautiful stuff. No confusion is his messages.

In another medium, Kim Cope and Teresa Anderson apparently glued seeds to some sort of ground (board or canvas) then the work was photographed by Kayakbiker at the Minnesota State Fair. (Caveat: I am not sure they used glue!) They've got a wildly fun idea here: Al Franken and Dick Cheney, immortalized in SEEDS.  And all in the name of art. With an opinionated statement.

In these three media, there is no guessing required. Their media are different, their statements, clear.

Three featured artistic approaches:

Single links below for each, or to see all 3 June 15, 2008 posts: art with conscience
1. TI$A (music: Obama video),
2. Nick Dewar, illustrator, and
3. craftspeople, Kim Cope and Teresa Anderson who apparently glued seeds to ground (board or canvas) after which  had the work photographed by Kayakbiker at the Minnesota State Fair.

I aim to give all of these creative folks ample kudos, and
by doing so, encourage their prosperity. Plus, it's Sunday. A good day to see art and boost artists.

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Originally posted to heart4idaho on Sun Jun 15, 2008 at 02:48 PM PDT.


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