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Does Nancy Pelosi have any idea how bad this sounds?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wants the matter settled before Congress breaks for Independence Day at the end of next week, suggesting she is ready to bring the issue to a head.

“We want to pass a bill that will be signed by the president,” she said. “And that will happen before we leave for the Fourth of July. So the timing is sometime between now and then. I feel confident that that will happen.”

By all means, celebrate the birth of the nation by throwing aside the Fourth Amendment and passing the Protect AT&T Act. There's nothing like optics like that, in an election year, to show a Democratic Party embracing the politics of change. Here's a clue, any bill that will be signed by the president will suck for the American people and for the Constitution. Any bill that will be signed by the president should be unacceptable to every Member of the first branch of government--the one that created the law that Bush broke--and might possibly be struck down by the third branch.

There's this part that I particularly liked, too.

Republicans were previously able to force Democrats into concessions on the legislation, raising the threat of terrorists falling off the surveillance grid as they plotted attacks on the United States. But the tactic seemed to lose some of its punch this year given the unpopularity of the Bush administration. Democrats were comfortable letting the law lapse, forcing the negotiations that seem to be on the verge of a bipartisan compromise.
Hey Nancy and Steny, Bush is still unpopular. AT&T is unpopular. Bill Foster ran on opposition to telco amnesty and WON DENNY HASTERT'S SEAT.

But what the hell, give the most unpopular lame duck president in the history this parting gift. In fact, let's all call Hoyer [Phone:  (202) 225-4131, Fax: (202) 225-4300] and Pelosi [Phone:  (202) 225-4965 Fax: (202) 225-8259] and tell them what a brilliant idea this is.


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Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon Jun 16, 2008 at 01:20 PM PDT.

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