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June 28, 2008:  A Happy Happy Joy Joy Hip Hip Hooray Day for Me!

A Wedding.
A Birthday.
and a fabulous project!



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The Wedding

M was my very first friend when I moved to Utah as newlywed 21 years ago.  I was thousands of miles away from everything I knew.  He was a new graduate working for a local engineering firm.  We met at campus ministry.  We always kept in touch while I was following my husband's career around the world.  Today, he is not only a dear friend to both of us, he is godfather and guardian to both of our children.  

When we first met, M said he envisioned himself marrying a gal with long blonde hair parted in the middle.  He dated on and off over the years, however, nothing ever stuck.  He made a fantastic effort to remain involved with life in general and to develop new hobbies where he met more people.  M is now in his mid-40s.  

About a year ago, he stopped calling.  ;-)  He didn't return calls.  I left messages like "you haven't seen your godchildren for the entire month, M."  M met T at one of his hobby - events, some kind of contra dancing maybe.  

Today, they are getting married.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.  And, look at her hair!

The Birthday

Today is my 42nd birthday.  My birthdays have taken a definite downturn since my children were born, and since my mom died.  However, I have worked hard on my birthdays the last couple years.  And I am so EXCITED that M & T are getting married today - it's the BEST birthday present EVAH!  And their anniversary will always be on my birthday!  

Happy Happy Joy Joy!  I am even getting a birthday present (my 5yo daughter told me so!)

The Fabulous Project

The Netroots For The Troop project has met one goal:
You-all have met and exceeding the original financial  goal of $10,000!  

NFFT has a couple more goals:
stuff:  other items to put in the boxes.

For my birthday, please write a letter to a soldier.  Share your day, share your favorite poem or short story.  Please keep current party politics out of it.

I also am hoping for just a couple candles on a cake - last year my family put all 41 candles on and declared a disaster when about half were lit!

We have over 60 letters and need ~35 more for the first goal!  
Questions?  Ask in comments - I'm here all morning, the wedding is this afternoon and the reception is tonight.  
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Originally posted to Jenn's Corner on Sat Jun 28, 2008 at 08:00 AM PDT.

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