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More of this, please!

Dr. Dean just showed 'em how it's done in an interview less than an hour ago with MSNBC reporter extraordinaire David Shuster. It's part of the media kickoff to the DNC's national Voter Registration tour that BarbinMD wrote about yesterday.


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David began by showing a pic of the DNC's newly decked out voter registration bus and talking about the southern leg of the tour. He asked Dr. Dean about that awful beyond words billboard showing the burning twin towers with the caption, "Don't Vote for a Democrat."

(Following is a really rough and messy transcript/paraphrase. I don't see any video yet on the MSNBC site.)

David asks:

Is this some of what you're up against down south?
And the good Doctor is ready:
This is what the people of the south are up against ... Bush & Cheney and McCain have scared the hell out of them  ... about stuff like this and it hasn't served the people of the south or the rest of the country very well.

Our message is, "Let's worry about $4 gas .. Let's worry about the mortgage scandals ... Let's worry about Bush's & McCain's indifference to the victims of Katrina."

John McCain went and talked about education today. He voted against Head Start. This is a guy who'll say anything to get elected.

We've seen enough of that.

We don't need a third term of George Bush. We need real solutions to the economy. People in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia need that just as much as people from Pennsylvania and Michigan.

That's what I expect of the Republicans, those kind of billboards. We're here to bring people together and that's what we're going to do.


He went on to talk about supporting candidates down ballot, thinks we can take Virginia and have a shot at North Carolina and Georgia.

David asked him to comment about Bush's bonehead statement that the "economy was growing." Chairman Dean observed that "it isn't growing for 80% of Americans. The people in the south are Americans.

We're going back to the south, ask for their votes, show up.  Barack Obama is going to be president for all of America not just some people in America.

The tour is to show we're serious about these states and serious about helping people on local ballots.

We're going to change America and that's what this election is all about.

Warms a gal's heart! Don't you just love the smell of smackdown in the morning?

Hey Kids, let's get some gas in that bus! Are ya on board?

*Update 2*

Wow, very cool, my first ever 0-fficial Recommended and Good Housekeeping Approved Diary! Thanks! Thought we could all use a bit of a boost!

Big thanks to Scarce for posting video a few comments down.

Still trying to post video here, which I'm sure is easier than breathing, but I keep getting error messages from the Orange Overlords and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Scheech.

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