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[Cross-posted at Old Man McCain]

OK, I'm just throwing this idea out there for free use by the Obama campaign. Consider this public domain.

On MSNBC today, I heard Tony Blankley speak some rare words of wisdom. He said that in hardball politics, "if you are explaining you are losing".  So I don't think the Obama campaign should use explanations to respond to McCain's offensive new ad:

Instead, they should turn the tables using mockery. Force McCain to explain himself.


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Without further ado, here is my ad script:

FADE IN on unflattering picture of John McCain.

NARRATOR: John McCain is confused again.

Shot of John McCain speaking to a townhall meeting.

NARRATOR: First he claimed that he had a "perfect" record on veterans issues, even though he got a "D" from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

A report card with a "D" rating circled in red.

NARRATOR: Then he denied endorsing Obama's Iraq plan, even though he told CNN it was a "pretty good timetable".

Newspaper clips of McCain saying "pretty good timetable".

NARRATOR: And now, McCain is claiming that Obama didn't visit the troops, even though Senator Obama visited our troops just a few days earlier.

Video clip of Senator Obama shooting 3-point shot with troops.  The same clip McCain used, but in full color with sound.

NARRATOR: Tell John McCain to get his facts straight.  America deserves better.

Smiling picture of Obama.

OBAMA: I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message.

This ad succeeds by making John McCain look like a liar, which he is, and by forcing McCain to explain his misleading claims. McCain's campaign would try to come back and say they were talking about troops in Germany, not troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But as Blankley said, "if you are explaining, you are losing".

This ad also crushes McCain on his terrible veterans record and his flip-flopping on withdrawal. Obviously you could find a dozen other lies McCain has told, but I thought these fit well into how McCain is not being honest about matters of war and veterans.

And as an added bonus, it is always fun to start an ad with "John McCain is confused again." It's a wink-wink at his age, his constant gaffes, and his inability to keep his story straight.

Update [2008-7-29 7:42:59 by existenz]:: Thanks for the Recommend!

[Update 2]: Here is a new energy ad by the Obama campaign. It's OK, but not nearly hard-hitting enough. Obama is still tilting towards a positive message, which I understand, but you have to pull out the knives at some point. He promised to be less restrained against the Republicans, hopefully he shows that sometime soon.

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Originally posted to existenz on Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 09:47 PM PDT.

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