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I remember Obama's insightful answer at Saddleback Forum regarding when life begins. I was so proud. He is a humble and wise person. To me, there are some things that we simply do not know and may never know. The moment of life is one of them. If we believe the bible account of human life, and this diary is based on that, then no one knows absolutely when life actually enters the body of a fetus.


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The bible talks of God forming man from the earth. But just because there was a body, did not mean the body was alive. It was only when God, blew or breathed into man that that person lived, functioned with mental and physical acuity. To keep things simple, I will refer to this as the "life force" in this diary.

Some babies are born fully formed but still dead on delivery - still born. Yet, some argue that life occured for these babies when the cells began to split and multiply. Did it? No one knows why babies continue to grow in the womb and yet are dead when delivered, there are many theories. We must remember, that doctors are only licensed to practice medicine, they cannot cure anyone. They keep trying things that "should work".

I do not believe the argument that life begins at conception is true, it did not happened in the begining with the first man and I do not believe it happens now. I realize that life is incubated in the womb now after the first couple, yet even now mothers talk of when they feel life in their stomachs and it is usually 3 to 4 months. Researchers claim there is documented proof of it prior to that. But no one has proof of life as the cells begin the mutation process at the moment of conception.

Obama's answer to the question of when life begins was insightful because he realized that no one really knows when a person becomes alive in the womb. He simply admitted the answer was above his paygrade. He does not know.

Bodies without "life forces" are buried on a daily basis. I believe God is Pro Choice, not only in what a woman chooses to do with her body, but in how she or anyone chooses to live their lives. He may not like the things we shose, but He allows us the choice. The choices we make today determines our destinations tomorrow and beyond. If He allows us this, then why should the government seek to usurp this freedom?

To take up a crusade for the child in a womb sounds like a great thing, but should not mitigate the rights of the mother. If abortion is against God, then let Him deal with it. In the mean time, allow his words to set the tone. God allows mankind freedom of choice to live for Him or not, with Him or not. He implictly forbids judging one another, making others feel less than they are. Afterall, He is the sole proprieter of the life force and I believe He has invested heavily in our rights to choice.

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Originally posted to emcneill on Thu Aug 21, 2008 at 06:39 AM PDT.

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