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I know by now we have seen a million references online and in the media about  Gov. Palin's email being hacked. It has been attributed to leftists and soon the Obama campaign. In looking at the pages on gawker.com and the reaction from the McCain campaign, it's fairly evident that this was a fake. Why would they fake this? Well, any number of reasons.

1. To elicit sympathy for Palin by having her privacy invaded.
2. To throw hackers off the trail of her real personal account.
3. A great excuse as to why she cannot produce emails in regards to troopergate. If the evidence is tainted or "erased" by hackers, she is safe.

Why do I think this? Follow me...


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First, her email address appeared recently in an article as given by a memeber of the McCain campaign. Why would a campaign spokesperson give out a personal email? For people who are trained to give talking points responses, this would be one heck of a slip.

Secondly, In looking at the inbox, there are 174 messages in the inbox. I don't know about you, but I email a lot as well. Gov. Palin is described as living on her blackberry, and emaiing tons. My inbox has tons of emails in it, read and unread. They pile up, and if you look at the dates, she is receiving many many emails a day, which would leave 174 only a couple days worth.

Third, A Very small contact list for someone with that much time emaiing.

Finally, She is someone very into organization. If you haven't noticed from the specials on her (especially Sarah Palin: An American Woman on Fox News) she is big into organization. Wouldn't someone who needs to organize her life very carefully create folders in an email account to sort emails? If she didn't, then everything would jumble together, especially in an inbox so empty.

It just seems too convinent, and now she gets sympathy, as well as a great way to brush the troopergate investigation under the rug in regards to her personal emails. Don't fall for it, we are being set up as the bad guys here, with the goal of making Obama look bad. It's up to us to spread the word and make sure that doesn't happen.

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Originally posted to kingdomemariner on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 09:06 PM PDT.

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