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The United States Government has sold out to American Corporations who now control both the government and to some extent, the American people.  Almost every government regulatory department is now run by the corporations they are supposed to be regulating.


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The United States Government has sold out to American Corporations who now control both the government and to some extent, the American people.  Almost every government regulatory department is now run by the corporations they are supposed to be regulating.

Our nation's policies on health, finances, agricultural, national defense and even education are increasingly slanted towards enriching these corporations, usually at the expense of the People. Even worse, the People have come to fear their government here in the United States, and any time a government gains so much power that the people begin to fear it; the scenario is set for police state atrocities against the citizens. In a healthy society, you see, the government fears the people, and it is this fear of being replaced or kicked out of office that keeps government bureaucrats in line. But in America, that has been lost, replaced by a tyrannical system of government that treats the people like common criminals, spies on them, records their phone calls, and reads their mail. Do not believe me? Just try to board an airplane without being detained and searched against your will. Try to bring a bottle of water on an airplane and see how much "freedom" you still have left in America today.

So where is it all heading?  To a desperate place, unfortunately. If we are to believe history, it is a natural cycle of nation states. Following abundance comes greed, then corruption, then police state tyranny, then collapse. After the collapse there's rebirth, reconstruction and a new cycle of abundance until the whole thing repeats itself over and over again, one century after the next. World history tells this same story over at least fifty empires that once existed on Earth. Will the American empire be no different: Will it drown in its own greed and corruption, collapsing into a state of financial bankruptcy?

How did the corporations gain so much power over government and the people? It is simple, much came from Campaign finances. The corporations hire hoards of lobbyists who dart in and out of lawmakers' offices in Washington, leaving behind trails of cash and corruption. Most lawmakers hardly ever meet with the actual people they claim to represent. Instead, they spend their time cavorting with corporate rabble-rousers who operate based on the simple principle of greed. Think Enron, but times a thousand. That is who controls Congress today.

To keep the People in line, public protests have been limited and outlawed in many areas, where new fenced-in "free speech zones" have been set up to force protestors to protest out of the way somewhere. (Note to all: If free speech is limited to a "zone" then it is not free speech at all!) At every turn, the U.S. Government seeks to marginalize the power of the People and expand its own reach and power, usually at the behest of the wealthy corporations pulling the strings backstage.  They manipulate numbers of war dead, they build other nations rather than America’s, they hid from view the coffins of dead soldiers, they turn on any American who questions the war, they divide and conqueror by turning red states against blue states, they incite riotous behavior and then the government plays innocent.

When corporations run a nation, that nation has no real future, because corporations only think in terms of the next quarter, not the next generation. Corporations will naturally do whatever they can to maximize their profits right now, including poisoning the children with vaccines, poisoning the population with toxic food products, sacrificing the financial future of the nation for short-term gain, destroying the environment, ignoring the health care needs of the People, inciting war so they can sell more profitable weapons to war-torn countries around the world, and so on. Essentially, corporations will sell out the future for higher profits today, and that is exactly what they have done and are doing in America.

Who are these corporate terrorists?

If interested, see them listed Financial Terrorists Revealed on my website. Near the bottom of the post you will see their names and pictures.  The people listed are directly responsible for bringing down Wall Street because of their greed, incompetence, bad choices and disdain for average middle class Americans. THEY ARE FINANCIAL TERRORISTS!  

These people willingly and knowingly corrupted financial institutions for personal short term gain for themselves and their greedy Boards of Directors and for their companies.  They took advantage of many of America’s most vulnerable citizens.  They had great influence in having the U.S. government remove regulation so they could make more money with unscrupulous sub-prime mortgages without any thought or without caring about America and its future.  The government knew and participated in these schemes, much during the past 8 years under George W Bush.  The buck stops with him!

American taxpayers, under President George W Bush, begrudging agreed to bail out these companies to the tune of $700,000,000,000. Anyone saying this was not a corporate bailout is a liar.

Many of these companies will give their executives exorbitant financial bonuses, golden parachutes and huge financial rewards using American tax dollars.  Some of these companies, such as AIG, took this taxpayer bailout money and began splurging in expensive luxury resorts, with fine dining and spas, while most Americans are struggling to make ends meet and the cost of all basic necessities skyrockets.  

This is a flagrant abuse of hard working American families and retired Americans money.

Has even one corporate executive, CEO, or Board of Directors been arrested for these heinous crimes?  This greed and corruption must be stopped!  Americans should be mad as hell!  Americans should be angry enough to take action to prevent this from happening again and to ensure our way of life and the lives of our children and future generations can be salvaged.

So who is to blame? There's plenty of blame to go around, and it doesn't fasten only on one party or even mainly on what Washington did or didn't do. As The Economist magazine noted recently, the problem is one of "layered irresponsibility ... with hard-working homeowners and billionaire villains each playing a role." Here's a partial list of those alleged to be at fault:
•The Federal Reserve, which slashed interest rates after the dot-com bubble burst, making credit cheap.
•Home buyers, who took advantage of easy credit to bid up the prices of homes excessively.
•Congress, which continues to support a mortgage tax deduction that gives consumers a tax incentive to buy more expensive houses.
•Real estate agents, most of whom work for the sellers rather than the buyers and who earned higher commissions from selling more expensive homes.
•Mortgage brokers, who offered less-credit-worthy home buyers subprime, adjustable rate loans with low initial payments, but exploding interest rates.
•Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who in 2004, near the peak of the housing bubble, encouraged Americans to take out adjustable rate mortgages.
•Wall Street firms, who paid too little attention to the quality of the risky loans that they bundled into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and issued bonds using those securities as collateral.
•The Bush administration, which failed to provide needed government oversight of the increasingly dicey mortgage-backed securities market.
•An obscure accounting rule called mark-to-market, which can have the paradoxical result of making assets be worth less on paper than they are in reality during times of panic.
•Collective delusion, or a belief on the part of all parties that home prices would keep rising forever, no matter how high or how fast they had already gone up.

These corporate criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  They should be forced to turn over all their personal assets, gained from Americans, and pay for their greedy crimes.  A few of these criminals have run like scared cowards and left these companies in the last few weeks.  They are still criminals!
There names, faces and contact information and links may be found here.
Americans should contact these companies:
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
Merrill Lynch
Lehman Brothers
Bear Stearns
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Wachovia Bank
Washington Mutual
Bank of America
Sovereign Bancorp

Americans must demand change and justice.  This election is one opportunity.

Remember their names, remember their faces, and remember the names of the corporate companies and the criminals who would destroy America.  Remember the names of Republicans who were to oversee these financial institutions and who either turned their heads to receive political donations or who actively participated in supporting the removal of government regulations.

I believe America’s future depends on its citizens rising up against corporate and government tyranny and restore the power of the people to force the government to once again fear its citizens, should government not meet their basic needs or desires for basic human dignity and fiscal responsibility.   If Americans sit idly by, in this time in history, the decline of this nation and the increase of government dictatorship and corporations will drive Americans into further decline, poverty and greater financial depression.

I have much faith that Americans will stand as one; stand against the injustice perpetrated by corporate greed and greedy politicians who are in the pockets of lobbyists and corporate America and by those who would seek to destroy those very liberties so many citizens fought and died for.  We have heard "Freedom is not free"; and we must do the right thing and stand firmly against financial terrorists and government dictatorship.  All that we have, all that we are, and all that we hope in this life are on the line.  I believe we are able to stake our future upon the good of the American people, not the U.S. government, not American corporations.  While we live today, let us have a United States, a free country restored to the full meaning and intent of the U.S. Constitution.  Let us vote as if our lives depended upon it.  Let it not be said that in this time, Americans did nothing.

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