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After reading what John McCain said about Lewis's comments that were meant to warn against potential violence  (McCain finds them "Outrageous") I feel that McCain has crossed the limits of decency.


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This is my first ever diary, and what made me write this is a CNN article that I came across.

I believe John McCain has surpassed even Karl Rove and George Bush in sinking below the levels of decency.  My hands are shaking as I type this.

Here is the article that tripped me.


McCain is offended by Lewis’s comments that warn him against 'terrorist' comments at McCain Rallys against Obama. Lewis is correct in pointing out that they could lead to violence. We only have to look back on history. Lewis is not the only one to point this out. He called Lewis's remarks “Outrageous”, and demanded a repudiation by Obama. Palin and the whole McCain campaign has been fueling the fire of hatred against Obama for quite sometime.  McCain said one good word about Obama the other day, and Obama acknowledged that he did. Does that give McCain a free license to trash Obama further?

Did McCain repudiate comments like “he is a terrorist”, “Bomb Obama”, “kill him”, and more recently “Obama Bin Lyin’....at a Hate Rally”? Yes, you read it right. It was a self proclaimed Hate Rally by McCain supporters,  who were marveling at the fact that so many of them had the same hateful thoughts! I stumbled upon it when I tried to access the RNC website. You can see the pictures here.


We all know what hateful thoughts and words lead to- serious violence against, often an innocent person or persons. McCain sees nothing wrong in his VP candidate encouraging violence against Obama.  The hatred and bigotry is so deeply ingrained, and more recently encouraged, that anyone with a foreign name could be considered un-American. If that name happens to be an Arab or Muslim sounding one, that person better be careful. He/She may be a target for violence.  McCain sees nothing wrong in what is happening under the guise of  ‘political campaign’.

The frightening thing is this targeting of anyone who is different from the white majority is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Yet McCain feels that he is being wronged when someone tries to warn of potential danger to our society.

I am disgusted beyond words by McCain’s behavior. I  lost respect for him long ago (yes, I did respect him when I did not know much about him).  He is a prime example of how low a human being sinks when he is lacking in simple human decency and conscience.

Shame on you John McCain! You do not deserve to be running for the  highest office of our land.

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Originally posted to Vash01 on Mon Oct 13, 2008 at 04:14 PM PDT.

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