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After I read the first paragraph of the Indystar interview of Palin, I thought it was snark. No, it is not snark, just Palin. I guess Palin was practicing for her appearance tonight on SNL because her responses are a laugh.  


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When asked what role she would have in a McCain Administration, Palin responded as follows (see if you can follow her answer):

Yeah. Sen. McCain and I have had quite a few good discussions on where he would like me to help lead reform of government, getting in to these agencies and departments and making sure that we're finding efficiencies and we're improving those areas that have to be improved. And we're getting rid of some of the tasks underway today that are not good for the American people, so reform of government.
When asked about whether she is concerned considering the polls, Palin responded with another disconnected, incoherent answer. She truly cannot speak whole sentences.
I haven't seen polls like that because that is not my concern, the fickleness of polls. I will be speaking straight talk to the American people, being truthful, being honest, speaking plainly, as some reporters have characterized it has and so be it. I'm speaking to the heart of Americans because I share their heart, I share their challenges, I share the aspirations that so many Americans have for each other, for our sons and for our daughters.

I'll keep speaking to Americans the way that I believe politicians need to speak to Americans, and that's not with all the high-falutin' rhetoric that just tries to, I guess, get them higher poll numbers. I'll speak to Americans truthfully. The final poll that matters is the one on Nov. 4.

The interview digresses from that point to rambling. She rambles on about Ayers, earmarks and ethics. When asked to explain the Alaska decision where she was found to have unlawfully abused her powers, she resorts to a narrative which suggests she was the victim. The report found that neither she nor her family were in danger, yet she packs her answer with lies of death threats. She is completely divorced from reality.
I don't think that Americans are, um, I think Americans need to know with that issue even that there was an Alaska state trooper who had made death threats against my family and our personal security detail asked me and asked my husband if the threats, if the concerns continued, to go to the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and express those concerns.

And the Department of Law even in Alaska -- you can go to their website and right there on their website, the Department of Law says if you have a concern about an Alaska state trooper, especially someone who would have made death threats against his family, he had tasered his stepson, he'd been drinking and driving in his patrol car. Citizens had made quite a few complaints against this trooper. The website says you go to the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and you express those concerns.

Sarah Palin please just stop it. Stop lying.



Sarah Palin on Federalism:

We're both federalists believing that the government that is the most responsive and responsible is that government level closest to the people.
Did this woman really earn a degree?
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Originally posted to sweetliberty on Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 07:10 AM PDT.

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