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The $13,200 that Pudd'nhead spent last month on her "authentic" look was only the first (designer) shoe to drop.

Today, the New York Times reports that in the first two weeks of October, Pudd'nhead (using McCain campaign funds) paid Amy the Makeup-artist (Pudd'nheads personal makeup-artist) an additional $22,800.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't some (perhaps half) of those McCain campaign funds come from the federal presidential matching funds collected from taxpayers? Hasn't the FEC previously frowned on campaigns spending "hard money" and matching funds on haircuts and trim jobs?



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The latest FEC reports indicate that pretending to be a serious VP candidate is more than twice as difficult (and expensive) as I had previously assumed.

In addition to spending hours getting her head filled with talkingpoints, folksy soundbites, and treacle, Pudd'nhead also has to put up with very expensive daily makeup sessions.

The NYTimes article says that Pudd'nhead spent $22,800 for the first-half of October on hairdos, lipstick and facepowder.

And, previously, the Washington Post reported that during the month of September, Pudd'nhead spent $13,200. For anyone keeping track, that's $36,000 for 45 days worth of 'lookin good'.

In other words, Pudd'nhead paid Amy the Makeup-artist an average of $800 per day (no idea how many hours that represents, nor how much for labor and how much for Bondo and other materials)

If makeup costs for the rest of the campaign continue at the same rate ($800 per day), I expect that Pudd'nhead's personal makeup-artist will submit a final bill (after the election) for at least an additional $16,000.

Which means that for the whole campaign, Pudd'nhead will have spent a grand total of about $52,000 on just lipstick and hairspray.

(AFAIK, that $52,000 isn't included in the $150,000 that Pudd'nhead reportedly spent on her schmatas and bling).

Before, the GOP attack dogs start barking about how sexist it is to criticize Pudd'nhead for spending a small fortune on make-up, does anyone remember the steaming pile of crap Drudge, Fox Noise, and the MSM dropped on John Edwards' $400 haircut?

For any math-challenged MSM reporters, Pudd'nhead is spending twice as much every day as Edwards spent on his once a month haircut.

And my vague recollection is that because Edwards might have bent FEC rules when he used hard campaign money to pay for personal expenses, Edwards ended up reimbursing his campaign $800 for the cost of two trim jobs.

Is Pudd'nhead going to do the right thing? Will she reimburse the campaign (and send Amy the Makeup-artist back to Hollywood)?

In Pudd'nhead's case, part of the $800 per day she's spending comes from federal matching funds, so taxpayers are footing part of each of her bills.

Anyone care to wager whether Pudd'nhead will ever apologize to the country for being such a vain prima donna? Of course not, it's a "sucker bet".

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Originally posted to anon2008 on Fri Oct 24, 2008 at 09:54 AM PDT.

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