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Mr McCain's aides have been labelled "incontinent" for leaks last week that revealed falling morale in his inner circle and mutual recriminations about his lacklustre campaign.
GETTY IMAGES (It's YOUR fault! Pull my finger!)Yeah. I can't make that one up.

That's the quote Senator John McCain had squeezed out last week while lambasting some of his staff for their "leaks" within the downward spiral that is his campaign. I can only imagine how flush his reddened face would have looked as he bared-down on them. Grimacing his face while huffing and puffing his way through the moment.

Well, it's probably better if I just pass along a quote that was reported by The Telegraph instead of trying to wipe up the mess that he's dropped on the poor sods. I sense a clog coming on. Anyone know a good plumber?

This morning: David Frum squats, Obama boosts Merkley and Palin's pipes are dirty.


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The National Journal put out an editorial yesterday by Stuart Taylor, Jr. that made me read and reread a couple of times. See what you think.

"Win or lose, Obama has proved (if more proof were needed) that although many blacks are still mired in poverty -- a legacy of our racist history -- contemporary white racism has been driven to the fringes and is no longer a serious impediment to black advancement."
For me, I think back to March when Senator Obama asked the Nation to start openly talking about race and racial relationships within the U.S. during his "A More Perfect Union" speech.

Compared to the hostility that's been increasingly blatant at McCain-Palin rallies, perhaps what's making this article so difficult for me to agree with are the questions it begs: Is that "contemporary white racism" better suited for "the fringes"? The fringes of what? Of our society? Our population? Our ideologies? Our geography?

This needs to be discussed.


In today's Washington Post, David "Palin-hater" Frum finally gets potty-trained and pushes the handle himself to plop McCain into the GOP's crapper.

There are many ways to lose a presidential election. John McCain is losing in a way that threatens to take the entire Republican Party down with him.
Yeah thanks for the insight, Dave.

You can just consider the Democrats to be this election's scrubbing bubbles: We work hard so you don't have to.


An AP investigation and Saturday report reveals that the plans for building a 1700+ mile-long Alaska-to-Lower-48 natural gas pipeline that Sarah Palin’s been stumping about since the RNC Convention in September came about through “a flawed bidding process that narrowed the field to a company with ties to her administration”. Though this news may not make you clinch down sharply, what the investigation determined and discovered in detail may.

In January 2007, Palin spoke the first of at least two times to Vice President Dick Cheney, the Bush administration's point person on energy issues, according to calendars obtained by the AP through a public records request. Cheney's staff pressed the Palin administration to draw in the energy companies, said current and former state officials involved in those discussions.
It’s worth the read if for nothing else to consider how much phone time she had with Dick.


Newspapers across the country and spectrum are pouring into Obama's tank. According to Editor and Publisher, Senator Obama leads in newspaper endorsements 145-55, a nearly 3:1 margin.

In addition to this development, E&P couldn't update their numbers this weekend because of the overflow. According to the story:

We are updating this story and list often so return for additions. We will not be providing a full update below until Monday, but we are updating the total tally for the two candidates, above. Not included in the complete, for example, are Friday's major endorsements for Obama from the Hartford Courant and St. Petersburg Times, and his Saturday nod from the Baltimore Sun. McCain picked up the Cincinnati Enquirer and Arizona Republic on Saturday.
Also, in case ya missed it, today The Anchorage Daily News (Alaska's most distributed newspaper) endorsed Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Sorry, Sarah, but there seems to be a consensus that thinks you're not ready.
"To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the Governor beyond her range."
(Correction from yesterday: I mistakenly wrote that WaPo endorsed Senator Obama on Friday 24 October when in fact it was last Friday the 17th. The other "big" newspaper endorsement was from the Philly Daily News).


Things are looking good in Florida, Indiana, Nevada and North Carolina. Keep it up!


I had to mention my State's (Oregon's) heavily contested Senate race today because of two factors.

1) Oregon's Senate race between incumbent Senator (AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A REPUBLICAN!), Gordon Smith (R-OR), and Oregon House Speaker, Jeff Merkley (D), received coverage on Washington Week with Gwen Ifill on Friday. Something that, in this abundant political climate, is extraordinary to see on a show that's both so focused and so short.
2) What they focused upon made my heart sing. Senator Obama has cut a video for Speaker Merkley to help fight back against Senator Smith's ads that paint him as not only a moderate, but never... mentions... his... party!

This is the only ad that the Gentleman from Illinois has cut for a specific candidate that's running for Congress at this time; and he delivers in typically magnificent fashion. Let's hope this is the first of a few others he may do. (Franken? Noriega?) Enjoy:

((youtube k-UkAR81gmk))


As noted in an exceptional editorial by Jason Dempsey for The New Republic, no matter whom the Military Times endorses, the members of the armed services are not so easily stereotyped as liberal or conservative; and it's very likely that future generations of the American military will continue to blur that distinction and others.

This new diversity among military leaders--as well as recognition of existing diversity among the rank and file--presents both an opportunity and a challenge. The realization that the military vote is up for grabs will increase Democratic and Republican attempts to court uniformed votes and to prominently use veterans in their campaigns, challenging the military's reputation for apolitical service.

Tomorrow, Kula2316 should be back to writing again and I wanted to thank everyone for your encouragement and kindness and commentary that I received this weekend. You are all fantastic. :D

I'm planning on making the "morning Joe" into a regular series here on dKos that will follow the actions and statements of Joe and Jill Biden: The Next Second Family. I'll be continuing to provide a daily "Joe" insert for Kula's Morning Reaction until the election. Expect the first morning Joe on the 5th or 6th of November.

Until then, we have unfinished business to complete and nine days to get it done.

Take nothing for granted. You know the mantras, now "Be the change..." --Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi.

Thanks to you & Kula once again.

- Patch Adam

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