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Arizona Divorces McCain !

The people of Arizona have decided to divorce John McCain. Arizona’s “favorite” son has lost his luster. As his campaign implodes across the country and Barack Obama continues to poll convincing numbers in  battleground states, McCain faces the real possibly of even losing in his home state. Yes, even here the separation is underway.

Led by the Phoenix-based End The War Coalition and Progressive Democrats of America, several progressive organizations are planning a major Rally and March on Saturday, November 1st.  The “Arizona Divorces McCain” rally kicks off at 11:00 A.M. at #1 School parking lot, 5525 N. 16th Street, Phoenix. Following the rally, organizers plan to March to McCain’s Arizona campaign Headquarters and deliver the Divorce Decree.


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“ The grounds for the divorce are clear”, said Mitch Rubin, a Phoenix attorney and a leader in the End The War Coalition. “ The people of Arizona will file grounds for divorce based on his continuing support of George Bush’s disastrous foreign policy of war and aggression and a domestic policy that rewards the very rich at the expense of the middle and working class and the poor.”

  “We have irreconcilable differences with John McCain and plan to get hundreds, maybe thousands of disgruntled Arizonans to attend the Divorce Proceeding” said East Valley PDA organizer Janet Higgins. Sitting in as Judge will be activist and progressive talk show host Jeff Farias. The Divorce will be presided over by the following witnesses, and rally speakers:

Tim Carpenter - Executive Director Progressive Democrats of America
Rebekah Friend - Executive Director Arizona AFL-CIO
Raquel Teran - Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability
Liz Hourican - Arizona’s CODE PINK representative in Washington
Tupac Acosta - Director of Tonatierra (Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights)
Hari Nam Khalsa - Arizona Representative of Iraq Veterans Against the War  Steve Brittle - President of the environmental group Don’t Waste Arizona Russell Crawford - Student Leader Northern Arizona University Peace and         Justice
Randy Parraz - Political Organizer Laborers’ International Union
Skits by The Tucson Raging Grannies
Music by The Black River Bandit, Bear The Astronot, and Marc Pedraza

We Demand Change !!

In a statement released to the press this week, Tim Carpenter, Director of Progressive Democrats of America and one of the rally speakers, summed up his reasons why we need to dump McCain and rally around Barack Obama.  “PDA established the Healthcare NOT Warfare Campaign in March to redirect wasteful and unnecessary military spending to meeting human needs at home starting with guaranteed healthcare for all. A  McCain presidency would move us much farther from that goal to more expensive healthcare resulting in even more Americans without  healthcare. We want healthcare, not warfare, and that¹s why we need to elect Barack Obama.”

Kay Grams, a Tempe, Arizona activist with End the War Coalition and PDA, in reference to close races for the Arizona House of Representatives, where the Republican majority is in serious jeopardy said recently,  “ We will not only divorce John McCain but we plan to take the Arizona House, the kids, and the dog.  Let’s get going,  the word is out on the street, now let’s spread it even further. “

Join us at #1 School parking lot, 5525 N. 16th Street (16th St. and Missouri), Phoenix. We will start at 11:00 AM sharp for the Rally and around 2:00 PM march to McCain’s office to deliver the Divorce Decree. Tell all your friends and relatives in Arizona to hit the streets and come to the Arizona Divorces McCain Rally and March.  We will have live music and great speakers.  Let John McCain know what you really think about him !!!!

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Originally posted to number nine dream on Fri Oct 31, 2008 at 08:45 PM PDT.

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