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PLEASE NOTE - This is not an open thread and is intended for diaries and discussion of downticket races.

For all the introductory stuff and links to previous diaries in the series, please look below the fold...

This Rescue Diary covers the period from 12:00 Noon, Tuesday, 11/4 to 12:00 Noon EST, Wednesday, 11/5

Today's Menu Includes :
73 Diaries Overall

- 14 On House races

    - With 10 covering individual Districts in 10 states

- 13 On Senate races

    - Representing 6 different states

- 19 On Various election races and ballot issues

    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 27 General election-related diaries

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America - I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you - we as a people will get there."

- President-Elect Barack Obama - November 4, 2008

Follow us for more, come on in............

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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition)

And for this year's previous diaries:
Election Race Diary Roundup (9/17 - 48 Days to Change) (with links to 10 previous diaries from 9/7 to 9/16)
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Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Land of Enchantment, ukben, welso, drchelo, randallt, Joy Busey, TruthOfAngels, eeff, Alma, Sylv, Nightprowlkitty, Spedwybabs Turbonerd, cdale777, and Relevant Rhino.

(12:00 Noon, Tuesday, 11/4 to 12:00 Noon EST, Wednesday, 11/5)  (73 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from D)

   House (14)

(House-Var) House by brownsox - A rundown of the races as of 2:30 a.m. EST, updated x2.

(FL-12) Adam Putnam Announced He Is Stepping Down From GOP Leadership by hungrycoyote - Repub incumbent Adam Putnam defeated Dem challenger Doug Tudor by touting his position as third-ranking Republican in the House. Upon victory, however, he retreats to the back benches to prepare for a run at another office.

(IN-Var) In-House Race Liveblog by Alexandra Lynch - Diarist sets up liveblog for all House races in Indiana.

(IN-06) IN-06 Joy and saddness by avalonbear - Dem Barry Welsh loses his bid to unseat Repub Mike Pence.

(MD-01) Kratovil eeks out MD-01 ... by a thousand votes by Outlander - Dem Frank Kratovil edges out Repub Andy Harris to win the seat held by Repub Wayne Gilchrest, who lost to Harris in the primary.

(MD-01) Democrat Kratovil (MD-01) may defeat right winger Harris by very narrow margin by Sharon in MD - In a very close race Frank Kratovil (D) may beat incumbent Richard Davis (R).

(MN-06) Bachmann update from Minnesota November 5:  She wins. by Bill Prendergast - From today’s installment:  “Elwyn Tinklenberg has just conceded.  Michele Bachmann, bigot, liar and nut extraordinaire, is re-elected to Congress. ... But tonight: the fight against Michele Bachmann goes on.  One word: CENSURE.”

(NY-29) NY-29 by kobie173 - Eric Massa (D) won over a very conservative Randy Kuhl, and the diarist expresses gratitude.

(VA-05) perhaps the most shocking result of the evening? by Mike Stark - It looks like Dem challenger Tom Perriello has managed, very narrowly, to unseat Repub incumbent Virgil Goode, but he will not go quietly.

(VA-05) VA-05: Electronic shenanigans flip the race in Goode's favor? by Crispy Wits and Raisons - Diarist reports on the ongoing vote-counting, keeps tabs on the VA BoE's decisions, and wonders if there's some serious voting machine irregularities keeping this race too close to call.

(WA-08) WA-08: Taking control of our country by Darcy Burner - Netroots candidate Darcy Burner writes both a reflective and inspirational post about what the stakes are in this race.  Burner is running against Repub Dave Reichert.

(WA-08) WA-08: First time Canvassing for Burner, Gregoire, and Obama by mhanch - Diarists experiences canvassing on Election Day for Darcy Burner in her race against Repub Dave Reichert as well as for Dem Christine Gregoire in her race against Repub Dino Rossi.

(CA-03, 04, 46) CA (congress): ick by FellowTraveler - A look at three congressional races that went to conservative Republicans, and why these people will not be fun to work with.

(CA-04) CA-04: Thank you, now GO MAKE HISTORY! Charlie Brown for Congress - The Charlie Brown Campaign has a Thank You diary With Pictures in his bid to unseat Repub Tom McClintock.

   Senate (13)

(Var-Sen) 60 seats in the Senate! by evenson - Diarist takes a look at the records of some returning Republican Senators and concludes that Dems may be able to accomplish everything they need to accomplish.

(Var-Sen) Senate races spoiling my mood. by michlawa2 - Diarist looks at some bitter Senate losses, some wins, and some still being fought.

(GA-Sen) Updated 10x: Georgia sen likely to go to runoff, pres to tighten, ???? votes to count by coelomate - This  Rec List diary points out that more than 600,000 early votes from heavily Democratic areas of Georgia have yet to be counted.  The Senate race between Repub incumbent Saxby Chambliss and Dem challenger Jim Martin may yet be headed for a run-off vote.

(MN-Sen) Al is ahead--we can still get to 60 by Chris Carlson - Diarist reports that Franken may hold his slight lead in the Minnesota Senate race once all the votes are counted.

(MN-Sen) AP uncalls Minnesota Senate by NCJan - Diarist cites and links a retraction from the Associated Press on its projection that Norm Coleman (R) had beaten Al Franken (D), since this race automatically goes to recount.

(MN-Sen) MN Senate - Updated numbers - Recount by SnowMachine - Diarist offers the current actual percentages and vote counts in Minnesota's senate race, and how state law now requires a recount.

(NC-Sen) NC-SEN: Sr. GOP Strategis Says Hagan Will Win by kos - Good news for Kay Hagan in her race against the Godless Repub Liddy Dole.

(OR-Sen) Oregon Senate Update by rubegreenhorn - A look at why Oregon's vote counters decided to go to sleep instead of count the votes last night.

(OR-Sen) Senator 57 Jeff Merkely-Democrat (OR) by lordbronco - Democrats may pick up another senate seat if Oregon goes for Merkely over two-term Republican Gordon Smith. This race hasn't been called yet.

(OR-Sen) Oregon Senate Update: Link by Paul in Austin - Diarist provides a good update on the too-close-to-call race and a link to the Oregon SoS website to follow developments.

(VA-Sen) Victory in Virginia! by Timaeus - Diarist describes what it was like to attend Mark Warner’s victory rally.

(AK-Sen) Alaska Senate – May have to wait 10 days by tietack - It’s not over until it’s over; 60,000 – 70,000 absentee and early votes remain uncounted, and the race won’t be certified for 10 days.  

(AK-Sen) Senator Ted F**** Stevens? by AlexXx - It looks like Ted Stevens has beaten challenger Begich (D), in spite of Stevens being a convicted felon. The diarist mentions other races still in play, including Oregon's senate race and Minnesota's senatorial campaign.

   Various Races (10)

(Var) The Waiting Game: Who Might Win in the West by mcjoan - Extensive analysis of House and Senate races in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

(Var) (UPDATED) Dems Win New York Senate, Ohio House, NV Senate!! by RandySF - Diarist shares e-mails received from the DLCC about securing majorities.

(ID-Var) Idaho results, ID-01 MINNICK LEADS SALI BY 4,500+, 98% REPORTING (Update 7x) by W Lane Startin – Tracking results for ID-Pres, ID-01, ID-02, ID-Sen and other Idaho races.

(MI-Var) The Word from Michigan by Brainwrap - A full report on the down-ticket and state races in Michigan, the winners and losers.

(NM-Var) New Mexico is 100% Democratic by The Fonging - With wins by Martin Heinrich (NM-01), Harry Teague (NM-02), Ben Lujan (NM-03) and Tom Udall (NM-Sen), New Mexico achieves a pure blue Congressional delegation for the first time ever.

(NY-SS 03) NY State Senate Goes Democratic for 1st Time in 40 Years! by betson08 - With Dem Brian Foley’s defeat of longtime Repub incumbent Cesar Trunzo in Suffolk County’s Third Senatorial District, Democrats gain a majority in New York’s State Senate.

(VA-Var) VA Election Live Blogging 2008 by skyfox - Diarist has put up fancy high tech electoral scoreboards for all the races in Virginia.

(WA-Gov) hinky ballots for Washington absentees by gingerbeets - Diarist writes about absentee ballot problems where Dem Christine Gregoire's name does not appear and how this may affect her race against Repub Dino Rossi.

(WA-Var) Election Day Downers from Washington State to Washington D.C. by Elvira Madigan - Report on the initiatives and state races from Washington state.

(AK-Sen, House) AK-Senate/House: EARLY VOTES NOT COUNTED by travis bushman - There seem to be almost 100,000 votes not counted in Alaska, and Begich (D) and Berkovits (D) may still not have lost.

   Ballot Initiatives (9)

(MA-Q2) Massachusetts decriminalizes marijuana!! by jedley - Voters passed Question 2, which decriminalizes possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.

(WA-I-1000) WA State Passes I-1000, Legalizing Assisted Suicide by Silent Spring - Diarist gives a full report on the passage of the state initiative to legalize doctor-assisted suicide.

(CA-Prop R) "No" to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant by bigtimecynic - Oh, well. It would have been a cool political 'gotcha', but common sense prevailed.

(CA-Props 2, 8) California Shame: Gays Don’t Get Rights, But Animals Do... by Savvy813 - Diarist sees his marriage being dissolved by passage of Proposition 8 while watching farm animals gain protections from passage of Proposition 2.

(CA-Prop 8) Prop 8 Anti-marriage and Against the Law by professorfate - Diarist explores the unconstitutionality of Proposition 8.

(CA-Prop 8) Prop 8: A Legalization of Intolerance by utopian drive - This election is going to show who we are, and the diarist makes a good case for strengthening our national character.

(CA-Prop 8) Bittersweet night. by tomkertes - Thoughts from a gay man who moved to Canada to legally marry on the bitter passage of Proposition 8 juxtaposed with the sweet Obama victory.

(CA-Prop 8) CA Homophobia: They Took My Rights Away by Killer of Sacred Cows - Diarist offers a personal look at what it's like to have rights, then have strangers vote to take them away.

(CA-Prop 8) Where do I go for equality? by correon - Diarist offers a poignant and personal glimpse at what it feels like to be a second-class citizen in 21st century America.

   General (27)

I hope heads roll at the CA SoS office by monnaliza - On election night, the California Secretary of State’s website malfunctions.

Election Night Watch! Election Night Comprehensive Diary! by Tomtech - Technical wizardry abounds in this diarist's set up for tracking all sorts of races across the country.
Election Results Live Blog by Election Night Live Blog - The Mothership is up!  Check out FleetAdmiralJ's great work on live blogging the election, with his companion piece Election Live Blog Tech Help.  And shout out to all the great bloggers in this series, as follows:

First diary up is Live Blogging Election Results: FL-Pres FL-08 FL-13 FL-15 FL-16 FL-18 FL-21 FL-24 FL-25 by Fairy Tale, followed by Election 2008 Live Blogging - Indiana POTUS & Governor by CityLightsLover, and Election Results Lilve Blog: Ohio by Dr Gonzo; and there's more -- for North Carolina, we haveElection Day Live Blogging - NC by bear83, followed by Liveblog for NM races (NM-Pres, NM-Sen, NM-01, NM-02) by ankey; Election Night Live Blog: Vermont & New Hampshire by Mountain Don; Liveblog for Michigan and Montana Results by Wolf0rz; Alabama Election Day Bloggin by alpolitics; Electin Day Live Blog: Hot NY House Races by Word Alchemy; Liveblog for OR-Sen (Merkley vs. Smith) by xylem;DE Gov - Results Live Blog by demkat620; Election Night Live Blog - WI President, WI-08 by Miss Blue; Election Results Live Blogging, Colorado by Something the Dog Said; West Virginia: Election Day Live Blogging by it really is that important; Election Liveblog: Georgia & South Carolina by teresahill; MN-Pres electi on night live blog by irativesfo; Election Day Live Blog - Arizona President and House Races by gimmeshelter; Kratovil-Harris MD-01 & Dougherty-Bartlett MD-06 by dadadata; Liveblog for Kansas Results by ny2ks; Election Night Live Blog: Oklahoma by joanneleon; Pennsylvania Live Blog Election Results by Ellicatt; Missouri: Live Blog Election 2008 Returns by Glic; Election Day Live Blogging: Tennessee TN-04 by amanuensis; election 2008 live blogging project - (NJ-Pres) and (NJ-Sen) by bookt;

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