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This fighting over whose fault it is that Prop 8 passed is ridiculous.  It's been a few days now, and we have to figure out how to get our aggression out in a healthy way while reaching out to others for help.

Did you wonder that maybe right wingers are fanning the flames?  You do realize that infighting is the worst thing we can do especially at this point in our country's history or at this point in our equal rights fight.  

I am gay, and I am damned proud of it.  I am also furious over Prop 8 passing, and I will do whatever the fuck I can to get my equal rights.  And, frankly, those of you angry at the African American exit polling, just relax.  Please.  


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Let me get this one out of the way.  I've been in gay outreach groups, and I know which minorities have seemingly embraced gays and lesbians versus those who haven't.  Are some groups more homophobic than others?  Yes.  Just ask a Unitarian versus a Mormon to see if that's the case.  This is also true for other groups of people.

But engaging them with hostility is hardly going to win anyone over. At the San Francisco vigil the other night, Tom Amiano came out to speak and he spoke about outreach.  He said (I'm paraphrasing), "Go out there and talk to those who may be against us and let them get to know you.  Because once they know us, they love us!"  Not that I'm a big fan of Amiano, but his point was well said and taken.  

We have to start reaching out in a far more serious way, and if you're angry, then go to the protests (like I'll be doing).  I'm absolutely furious, and I have SO much rage in me over this.  But we have to band together.  We are among friends here at Daily Kos, and I KNOW that once we engage other communities that don't know us yet, they will love us.  

Whether the exit polls are right or wrong is besides the point.  There are homophobes out there of all creeds and colors.  If the CA Supreme Court doesn't overrule Prop 8, then we have a couple years of work and outreach to do.  I've known people personally who have hated gays and then got to know me and then didn't know what their issue was.  In 2 years, we could get 100% of California to vote no on Prop 8.  Ok, I'm exaggerating, but you get my point.

Start reaching out.  Make phone calls to leaders of different groups to ask for their help.  If they can't help you, then go places where you feel people need to get to know us.  We can do this.  

I know this diary isn't that full of substance, and I have to get to work right now, so I'll maybe update it later.  But in the comments, people, add some ways we can start doing some outreach.  Put phone numbers, email addresses, websites.  Anywhere that may be a good place to start our outreach to ask people for help.  We aren't in this alone, and DailyKos reminded me of that right after Prop 8 passed.  I love you guys.  

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Originally posted to vs1skos on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 08:47 AM PST.

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