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But, the way they're treating Rev. Wright is totally unfair.

"Hush, we have an election to win."

But, gay marriage just makes sense, it should be right! Let's speak out now!

"Shhh, we have an election to win."

But, trying to get white people to feel more comfortable about Obama by telling them that he's "half white" is still playing in to ideas of racial purity and superiority.

"Shhhh... but it might work."

But, is socialism really that bad? They have in it Europe-

"SHUT UP! We have to win."


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So many compromises, so many people under the bus and all to elect a slightly-left-of-center-centrist. I mean, that's better than Bush and better than McCain-- I'm optimistic-- but, I'm tired of tip-toeing around worrying about what "regular" Americans will think. I'm a regular American! What about what I think? I'm tired of spending the whole election cycle wondering what some "joe the plumber" type will do when he gets in to the voting booth. As if middle class white men are the  center of this country. We are all the center.

I suppose as a big city liberal I'm irrelevant simply because I'm so predictable-- That's why I used to vote for 3rd parties-- that is, before Bush brought our nation to the brink of peril and that started to seem a little less and patriotic.

I remember, David Paterson, Gov. of my home state trying to get the marriages from other states honored here-- and people would comment "hmmm... but this isn't the time it's an election year..."

Well, then what's the point? I mean-- to me that's the whole point of being involved in politics-- trying to get things a little closer to how they should be-- trying to make our nation even greater.  When will it "be the time" --is it the time now?

  1. Rev Wright never deserved the treatment he received in media. In the minds of millions of Americans he is still a figure of hate-- and nothing could be further from the truth. His church and his message are positive, inclusive and challenging. Any of you who are mad at him for his press conference have still missed the point-- he's a man of the church and answers to God-- he was under no obligation to "help" Obama-- he had a responsibility to speak the truth as he see it-- and he did that.
  2. The democratic party should openly support gay marriage, not just"cvil unions." Placating homophobic voters reinforces their ideas as acceptable. We think the objection is religious-- religion is just a cover for homophobia. People used to have religious justifications for racism too. (and some still do!)
  3. Socialism should not be a dirty word. It's one way of doing things. Like anything in excess it can be bad-- but it can also be good-- and we use concepts from socialism already.
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Originally posted to futurebird on Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 07:56 AM PST.


Did you ever feel "hushed" during the election?

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