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This diary started out as a comment a little while ago. I thought it was a cool enough experience to post a diary.

Update: The video is posted in the comments here.
Many thanks to wader.

I was on the local news today. Follow this link, click on the picture that looks like the one below the fold, and check out the video. You can also see it here. (I can't get the video to load on here.) I'm near the end and I am not the lady with the less than profound comment.

Sorry about the ad. The local NBC affiliate has to pay the bills, too.


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Here's the condensed story. The American Humanist Association bought ad space on the Metro buses that look like this:


The Humanist message is that one does not have to be religious to be a moral human. In fact, with so many Christians freaking out about gay marriage (in essence, hoping to keep gays and lesbians from attaining full equal rights), I tend to argue that humanists can actually be more moral than many supposedly "religious" people. (No offense intended to the Christians on Daily Kos; you all rock!) The Humanist idea is that humans don't need religion to tell right from wrong; the idea should be intuitive. If not, read up on your Mill and Kant.

So this afternoon I was exiting the Metro on my way to class today when a reporter from the local NBC affiliate approached me. The reporter asked me if I would be offended by something like this. Uhh... no. I respect all religious viewpoints, even if I don't agree with them. Moreover, Humanists have Freedom of Speech, too. Therefore, I would not be offended. Why should I be offended?

But according to the person in this video, I must be part of BillO's "War on Christmas." (Don't Panic. I did not link to Fox "News," so there is no danger of giving them more hits.) Apparently, it is just fine for me, a non-Christian, to be assaulted with Christmas from before Halloween until Twelfth Night. Funny thing, though. The second something like this comes out, all of the Fundies get their panties in a bunch and are suddenly offended. Nativity scenes on the courthouse lawn? Fine (if Santa Claus is represented). An atheist organization buys ad space? Time to get offended!

I don't get it, either. Sounds like a teensy bit of a double standard there.

Oh well. It will be a nice change of pace from the usual ads I see every day. In fact, if you look out the train windows at just the right time between Judiciary Square and Gallery Place-Chinatown, you can see what looks like an animated ad for Nestle Quik. That one's actually pretty cool. (Come to think of it, I should hit up Nestle for a few bucks for product placement.)

As for the lady at the end of the video, I wonder if she has a more nuanced reason for being offended other than she believes in Jesus.

Now, to have a little fun:

FSM Pictures, Images and Photos


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