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You, yes you, here at dKos have always impressed me with your incisive wit. Never more than today in kos' FP thread about the autobiography purported to be in the works by not-my-President G.W. Bush.

Without further adieu, as voted by us via mojo, let us review the genius that is us, the denizens of dKos, and our suggested titles for Shrubbie's book.

Since that thread is is ticking time-bomb of browser crash, I welcome all to use this as that thread (cont.)

Lists below.


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The Top 20
Mojo Recipients weighted inversely to chronology (as of 1PM PST) [Yes, it's an imperfect science; don't sue me. Instead post in comments to claim your space in the diary if I slighted you "wrongly"]

1) "Mein Inkamphetence" by Randomfactor(99+ / 0-)
2) "Incurious George" by david mizner(80+ / 0-)
3) the audacity of dope by homo neurotic (15+ / 0-)
4) The Son Also Razes by adios (15+ / 0-)
5) (TIE) How to wreck a country without really trying (59+ / 0-)
AND "Iraq on $500 millon a day" (60+ / 0-) by jgoodfri (bonus points!)
6) Misunderestimated by mofembot  (13+ / 0-)
7) My Pet Gloat by punaise (66+ / 0-)
8) If I Did It by KingOneEye (51+ / 0-)
9) Mission Accomplished by PJHood (15+ / 0-)
10) MEIN DUMPF by Kevvboy (12+ / 0-)
11) The Decider House Rules by Stuck Between Stations (26+ / 0-)
12) Bury My Heart at Abu Ghraib by deadinthewater (11+ / 0-)
13) A Sop's Fables by Kelldicott (14+ / 0-)
14) How A Pretzel Almost Saved America by Arthurkc(43+ / 0-)
15) Heck of a job by lardin, Wed Dec 17 (57+ / 0-)
16) A Funny thing happened on the way to the Hague by citizenx(59+ / 0-)
17) Watch This Drive by Coldblue Steele(41+ / 0-)
18) Watch This Drive: Strategery in a Time of Terra by terrypinder(41+ / 0-)
19) Fooled Ya Twice! by Veritas78 (44+ / 0-)
20) "My Buk" by madaprn(37+ / 0-)

Honorable mention (as deemed by the diarist)

>> Presidenting For Dummies by Blimey
>> Crashing the State by lineatus
>> Decidering for Dummies by gchaucer2
>> Dummy for Dummies. by BA BarackUS
>> I Suck: The Autobiography of a Failure by JTP
>> Can I get a mulligan? by psilocynic
>> A Prayer Before Lying  by darthstar
>> At Least I Didn't Throw Up  by organicdemocrat
>> "What Would Cheney Do?" by gmknobl
>> Reign of Error: How I Failed Without Even Trying by JoeWPgh
>> War and Fleece by Chudri
>> My Pet War by Eclectablog
Late to the Party Honorable mentions:

++ "A Series of Unfortunate Events"  by WayneInSF
++ Clinton only got a BJ, I fucked the whole country  by Arkar
++ The Moron Chronicles  by sammayer
++ Wow! I can see my colon.  by skip945
++ Honey, I Fucked Up The Country  by sizzzzlerz
++ The Fall of Western Civilization  by okiemann
++ I couldn't spell President and Then I were One  by Klick2con10ue
++ "700 Billion Little Pieces"  by Surreal American
++ Prezidentialing for Dummees.  by Angry Mouse
++ F*ck It Forward  by World Citizen
++ "How I Elected the First Black President"  by Hesiod

(Update 2)
More Honorable Mentions:

= "I'm ok...You're All Fucked!" by Indexer
= American. Idle. by oobi
Is Our Voters Learning? by Burro Futbolero
= Dude, where's my conscience? by Dr Colossus
Less Than Zero: by Nathan in MN
= Ignorance Is Bliss by chesterdog,
Chicken Soup for the Soulless  by daunte
== Smirkin' Your Way Through Life  by sizzzzlerz

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to The Laughing Planet on Wed Dec 17, 2008 at 01:32 PM PST.


What should W's book be called?

2%3 votes
12%13 votes
3%4 votes
2%3 votes
4%5 votes
6%7 votes
3%4 votes
2%3 votes
6%7 votes
2%3 votes
7%8 votes
4%5 votes
9%10 votes
6%7 votes
19%20 votes

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