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Lots of posts have been coming and going here about Reid and his office as Senate Majority Leader.  I will cast my few cents' worth into the fray.

In my opinion, Reid has been a horrible Majority Leader, talking big and then collapsing at the appropriate (or, more accurately, inappropriate) moment, even when the Democrats held a majority in the Senate.  (I'll treat Pelosi another time).  But his bizarre behavior the past few days make me say that he should resign as Majority Leader and just go back to being a Senator.


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UPDATE: One of the reasons that I feel so strongly is that even now the "good" folks, like Maddow and Olbermann, in the media are taking off the gloves.  We progressives have long recognized him as a threat, and the rabid consertitives always have.  Action is needed.

I do not have too much of a problem with Reid's votes as a Senator.  He is a little too Blue Dog for my taste, but a fairly reliable Democratic vote in the Senate.  That is fine, but my personal opinion is that the Blue Dogs need to be primaried away during the next couple of cycles.

My problem with him is that he has no leadership qualities at all.  As I mentioned before, he talks big and then caves.  That is the anathema of a leadership doctrine.  Either one talks small and wins big, or talks big and wins big.  In a good leader, the talk is not as great as the desired goal, and then strategic and tactical moves are made to get more than was originally negotiated.

Reid seems not to be able to do any except the big talk and caving.  First, it was "I can choose who can sit in the Senate!", then "The Rules Committee will decide!", then "The entire Senate will decide!", and now, "Well, this seems to be a nice man."

Talk about the Emily Litella of public governance!  This guy has no clue.

Now he takes off on Obama like he should have done with Bush:  "I do not work for him, I work with him."  Great.  If that had been from a real leader, I would be disconcerted, but coming from Reid it just sounds like his usual toothless attempt to bite.

Folks, we need a real Majority Leader that will speak sharply when needed, and keep his powder dry until the real crunch time comes.  Reid has kept his powder so close to his body that his perspiration has rendered it inert.

Who should be the next majority leader, and when should it happen?  I will say that within a couple of months it should happen, and will defer to the audience to ponder who should be the next, strong, Democratic Leader.

Oh, by the way, Reid was the guy that encouraged a standing ovation for Stevens, a convicted felon for corruption.  Reid passes it off as, "Well, the rules have changed, his is a war hero, and he is sort of old.....".

I call bull!  Reid is not fit to be the Democratic Senate Majority Leader.

Since he is a pretty reliable Democratic vote, I say let him serve out his term as just a regular Senator after finding a good Majority Leader, and hope that he retires after his term.

What say ye, readers?

Warmest regards,


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Originally posted to Translator on Wed Jan 07, 2009 at 08:33 PM PST.

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