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An Indiana judge has frozen the assets of a -genius- moron who decided the easiest way out of fraud charges was to nearly crash his company plane into someone's house.

Follow me below the fold for some bizarre behavior from a local fraudster.


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First let me give you the basics from CNN

An Indiana judge Monday froze the assets of Marcus Schrenker, a suburban Indianapolis financial manager authorities say tried to fake his own death by crashing his private plane into a Florida swamp. Authorities said the Fisher, Indiana, businessman parachuted to the ground before letting the plane crash in the Florida panhandle.
The craft came down near the Blackwater River, only 50 to 75 yards from homes, said Sgt. Scott Haines of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office. "It is a neighborhood -- some very nice waterfront property," he said.
Nice to know that when he left the plane, he made sure that it would crash in a nice, secluded.... oh, wait he was too much of a self absorbed twat to bother worrying about that? Say it ain't so!

Now I promised you a bailout didn't I? after all, all the big money companies are getting one, why shouldn't Schrenker?

military jets tried to intercept the plane. They noticed the door was open and the cockpit was dark and continued to follow it until it crashed in a bayou surrounded by homes.

But when investigators found the plane, its door was ajar and the wreckage showed no signs of blood or the blown windshield. The sheriff's office said Schrenker appeared to have intentionally abandoned his plane.

Now I'm not positive, but I highly doubt this guy's parachute was particularly golden.

Now this guy runs 3 different buisnesses that are all under investigation currently and he's been getting hammered left and right with bad news (not that it doesn't serve him right).

First off, his wife knows when to get when the getting is good (she filed for divorce the day before his offices were searched, then 2 days before the plane crash his companies assets were frozen, and to top it all off a judge issued a judgment of over half a million dollars against one of the companies.

Just an interesting 'slice of recession life' from here in the heartland.

P.S. for any who are concerned, he made it to the ground safely and was last seen scurrying into the woods like a good little weasel.

Full story is here

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Originally posted to A Bleeding God on Tue Jan 13, 2009 at 05:26 AM PST.

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