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If you want to weigh in on the stimulus bill - conferees and their phone numbers:

Please tell them to agree on a version close to that passed by the House. Tell them that communities like ours need the funding included in the House version for the Neighborhood Stabilization (foreclosure prevention/recovery for foreclosure blighted communities), that we need the aid to State and Local government that is provided in the House version, and that the excessive tax cuts and credits for business and corporations in the Senate version is inappropriate considering the tax cuts, credits and rebates of the last eight years have not lead to permanent or sustainable economic growth.


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Please tell them the best use of federal funds to boost the economy, according to economists like Zandi and Robert Reich is to temporarily increase the benefits and extend the 60 month time limit on food stamps.

Please tell them that if they have to cut the amount that the stimulus will cost, to start cutting with spending on slow-starting projects like military construction ($10 billion) and subsidies to the nuclear power industry ($50 billion in the Senate version). Suggest that many more jobs could be created on labor-intensive management of public lands to eradicate invasive species and restore degraded habitat.

House conferees:
David Obey 202 225 3365
Charlie Rangel 202 225 4365
Henry Waxman 202 225 3976
Jerry Lewis 202 225 5861
Dave Camp 202 225 3561

Senate conferees:
Harry Reid 202 224 3542
Dan Inouye 202 224 3934
Max Baucus 202 224 2651
Chuck Grassley 202 224 3744
Thad Cochran 202 224 5054

I'd love to hear what you learn from your phone calls! Post a comment or send me a message if this was useful. Thanks!

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Originally posted to ImpeccableLiberalCredentials on Tue Feb 10, 2009 at 08:21 PM PST.


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