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Ah, yet again. It seems the party of family values seems to never amaze us all with their doublespeak. Let me start with the details....

The former head of the Brown County Republican Party was sentenced today to 30 days in jail and two years probation for having a 16-year-old runaway at his former Allouez home.
Green Bay Press Gazette

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This is yet again, a criminal conviction. This is not an accusation. Guilty as charged. So I ask a basic question: How can the GOP be made up of cultural conservatives at its core, yet have sex case after sex case (often involving young boys) not tarnish their brand of "wholesome American values"?

Worse yet, the judge in this case allows the guy to PLEAD down to a misdemeanor (from a felony) and give him a whopping 30 days in jail? (more on that below!)

But let's stop and think about it. A 38 year old man is caught with booze, weed and two 16 year old runaway boys (half dressed) in his house. Here's what the police found.

According to a criminal complaint, Green Bay police went to Fleischman's home on Nov. 19, 2006, looking for two runaways from Ethan House, a nearby juvenile facility. They found a boy hiding in a closet wearing only underwear and a T-shirt, the complaint said. The boy, then 16, told authorities Fleischman also took him to a hotel in Appleton and to a cabin near Florence. The boy said Fleischman provided him with beer and marijuana, the complaint said.
I want someone to tell me how anyone charged with hauling a minor halfway around northeast Wisconsin for obvious reasons (sex!!), with drugs and booze would be allowed to get off with 30 days and a slap on the wrist? Why would the judge do this?

After further digging, I found this nugget, which referred back to a Priest named Donald Buzanowski, who admitted to molesting 14 boys over a 20 year period while working as a Catholic Priest in Green Bay. He was never convicted. But read this: guess who his lawyer is?

Veteran Green Bay Police Detective Jerry Rogalski didn't know Buzanowski already had been confronted by church officials when he visited Father David Kiefer at the diocese on Feb. 21, 1990. Kiefer (then vicar of priests for the diocese) told him "there was nothing there" and that church officials didn't believe the allegation, Rogalski said. Rogalski set up an interview with Buzanowski, but the priest changed his mind about meeting with the officer after consulting an attorney. Kiefer said he referred the lawyer - Donald Zuidmulder, now a Brown County judge - to Buzanowski.Rogalski believes that had he been able to interview Buzanowski without preparation by the diocese, he would have had a good chance of getting a confession. When he interviewed David Schauer on March 9, 1990, he found the boy's abuse allegations "100%" believable, he said. William Griesbach, at the time an assistant Brown County prosecutor and now a federal judge, said he also believed Schauer. But no previous abuse complaints turned up in Buzanowski's personnel records, Griesbach said. "It came down to the boy's word against the priest's," he said. "I just didn't think I had enough evidence." If such a case came up now, he would file charges, Griesbach said.

I sense a familiar phrase here. Could it have been "it's the runaway boys word versus the Chairman of the Brown County GOP". Now, I dont care if the guy is GOP or Dem, old or young. There is something here with the judges past history and the status of the man charged that just doesn't smell right. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Write to the Green Bay Press Gazette with your outrage here.

Green Bay Press Gazette Letters to the Editor

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Originally posted to kclala on Sat Feb 14, 2009 at 01:37 AM PST.


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