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The winter/spring 40 Days For Life campaign, now on day 3, so far has been pretty much a bust in my home town.  One of the organizers told me a few weeks ago, after we had exchanged many emails in which she constantly told me that I feared the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) because I feared their "truth," and that she was praying for me constantly, said that she thought I was... not one of Satan's demons, or possessed by one, but Satan HIMSELF!

(Apparently without my even knowing it, since I don't believe in me, Satan.)  :-)

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The national organizer this season is a young man named Shawn who sends me the 40 days for life news letter each day, listing all the wonderful things that God Almighty is doing at the 40 days for life events in other cities and town, even as far away as Australia!  (Apparently God Almighty can't do anything about abortion until a whole lot of people - mostly in the USA - pray and fast and humble themselves before the Lord, maybe walking in ice and snow and -50 below with a wind chill 20 degrees lower.  Maybe the 40 days folks are waiting for a serious drop in the temp here in Fayetteville before showing up.)

Anyway, if you go to the 40 days for life.com website and look for locations, one of the locations that comes up is Fayettville AR. In front of my office.  I have told the local organizer, a lady named Barbara, in the past how much we appreciated their efforts since we had patients almost everyday tell us that they didn't even know that there was a clinic offering abortion care in Fayetteville until they saw them outside standing on the street and read the story in the newspaper.  Since we don't advertise, they do it for us, and I have always expressed my appreciation for their efforts.

But apparently this is not good enough.  No, they want us to send them some of our filthy blood money.  I told her that Jesus said that the love of money is the root of all evil and I didn't want them going to hell, so I could not do that in an effort to prevent them ending up in the lake of fire for ALL ETERNITY!

One would think that she would have been happy about that, but NOOOO.  She didn't even offer to get me exorcised again and that is when she said that she thought that I was Satan himself.  Now how is that for gratitude!?

And now, they don't even SHOW UP!  Not very faithful, if you ask me.

UPDATE:  Just got this from my local 40 days organizer;

Your distubed !!! :) but God does love us all....!! You have to have a few crazy ones out there, because it wouldn't make us look sane....! And you put the word "insane" in the dictionary!!! We are to love those who are poor in spirit...so I will LOVE you...Don't hold you breath it is Lent and we not telling our Left arm what our Right arm is doing....We are there...bless your heart...your looking the wrong way....but I will come to the old spot, your expecting us at some....so don't be holding your breath..
I wouldn't want you to "loose life" over it!!!

So be watching over you shoulder and behind yourself....you never know where we are...but be granted we are there....I knew it would bother you if we changed our strategy.....!! Plus we are larger in numbers than last Fall.....our opening cereomines wouldn't even fit in parking lot....I am sorry I didn't invite you!  B

I replied and asked her not to bring a gun.  Or a knife.  Or a terrible swift sword.  wfh
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Originally posted to william f harrison on Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 09:41 AM PST.

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