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On my internet travels in the last few days I cam across two info nuggets that warmed my evil liberal heart.  The first one fell into my lap while I reading Seneca Doane's brilliant exhumation of the Howard Kaloogian Baghdad pix affair NY-20 GOP donor is famous DKos-exposed photo faker!, the second concerns everybody's most beloved MN politco Norm Coleman.


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I often feel a need to take a ride on the Google while reading a diary in order to verify or expand a diary's content, so while reading the Kaloogian story, the google swept this little jewel into my lap:


Mar 6, 2009
ALIPAC Issues National Warning on Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project

Mar. 4, 2009
ALERT!  Jim Gilchrist is Sending out Fraudulent Emails!
Jim Gilchrist, who was exiled from the national anti-illegal movement in late 2007 for fraud and abberent, destructive behavior, continues his antics and attacks on the leaders in this movement.  Yesterday he wrote an email and copied my header and footer to it and forwarded it out to his list to make it look like I had sent it to him.  Those statements are 100% his statements.  My attorney, Howard Kaloogian, is handling this latest case of Gilchrist fraud.  Stay away from Jim Gilchrist and his small rebel MMP group.  He and a couple of his henchmen are constantly stirring up trouble in the movement they got kicked out of!  Nothing but lies and hate coming out of their dying group.  Even the SPLC has written about their recent troubles.  Stay away from all MMP events.

Scrolling down on that webpage, you will find more heart-warming e-mail prose from the pen of MrJeff Schwilk, Founder, www.SanDiegoMinutemen.com.San Diego County's “ONLY” Immigration Watchdog! against his nemesis, Mr Gilchrist.

Now on to Mr Coleman:  Here is a delectably written little piece on this gentleman and his fine buddies on Gawker:More Bad News For Norm Coleman

I did not do a thorough search to see if there are diaries out about this and will gladly delete if I am being redundant, but what I really wanted to know is this:  Do you have little enjoyable snippets to share too that you deemed too frivolous and so decided to withhold?

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Originally posted to Jules Beaujolais on Fri Mar 27, 2009 at 01:09 PM PDT.

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