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  • Did you hear about Rush Limbaugh's dramatic victory against Barack Obama? It was epic! Well, as long as you live in the wingnut alternate universe.
  • Via Aravosis, the English language's newest word:

    1. Of or resembling a budget. Lacks specificity such as numbers and/or ideas.
    Usually encased in blue glossy folder and 19-pages, including cover pages and table of contents.

    2. State requisite for GOP press conference.

    Origin; 21st century English. From GOP budget proposal, March 2009
    It was not a budget in the sense that it had numbers. It was more budget-ish.

  • Big virus will hit tomorrow. If you are on a PC:
    Also, please make sure every Windows machine is patched. Follow the instructions of your Operating system here.

    Also, there is a free removal tool being provided by Mcaffee and it can be found here.

    Make sure you click on the link on the upper right for the STINGER application.

    If they are already infected, the WORM prevents the anti-virus software from updating automatically and it prevents people from getting to security websites. What is worse, if they did not update their OS with the Microsoft patch I sent you before they got infected, the WORM makes the system THINK that it already has that update! What this means is that the end-users Windows OS will not update itself to fix the hole that the Worm is using. The end-user will see a dialog box that tells them their system is already up to date and does not need the patch. It is the WORM that is making the system tell the end user that!

    At this point, the only way I can determine that a person can be 100% sure to be un-infected is to run the STINGER application I sent you earlier. I ran it on all of my personal systems. If they cannot get to that site, I would be concerned as that may mean they are infected.

    Yeay Macs! And yes, I've probably just started another Mac vs. PC flameware. But seriously, if you are on a PC, inoculate yourself against this beast of a bug.
  • Yup. I have no interest in raising a single dime for any Blue Dog wannabees. It's no longer "more Democrats". The biggest danger to a progressive agenda in the House isn't the irrelevant Republicans, but obnoxious Blue Dogs. It's time for Better Democrats.
  • So it's not just Bush that rewards failure. Obama is doing it as well.
    Tim Geithner's new nominee for number two at the Treasury Department, Neal Wolin, played a key role in drafting legislation in the late 1990s deregulating the banking system, a former Treasury Department official confirms to us.

    The law that Wolin helped draft has been blamed by some critics, many of them Democrats, for easing up regulatory pressure on huge financial institutions, tangentially helping create today's mess -- and his role drafting it could come under questioning at his upcoming confirmation hearings.
    Stuart Eizenstat, a deputy Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton, confirmed that as Treasury's general counsel at the time, Wolin "provided the technical and legal drafting" for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

    When a crisis is caused by deregulators, maybe it's a better idea to ship them off to Siberia? Instead, they get cushy Treasury postings.
  • "Normal" Americans, per conservatives, sure exclude a lot of people. Perhaps that's why they're losing so many elections? And maybe when "normal" Americans are the minority, perhaps they're not so "normal" after all?
  • Lou Dobbs is funny.
  • I agree, regarding "Earth Hour":
    I am all in favor of efforts to promote the health of the environment. I will pay higher taxes on fossil fuels. I will support investment in green technologies. I will support investments in biofuels and alternative energy. I will support higher CAFE standards and substantial investments in mass transit. I will support efforts to protect endangered species, wetlands, and to preserve pristine tracts of land. I will reside in an eco-friendly abode as soon as it is economically feasible. I recycle. I use reusable bags when I shop. I will carpool. I’ll do all of that, and I am sure I will do more.

    But I’m not going to sit in the damned dark for an hour. That is just silly.

  • Lance Armstrong is so screwed.

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